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In my quest to organise my blog, I am gathering all related posts into one post to make them easier to find. This post includes all the science I have done with my little ones with any kind of polymer.


Polymer Play : Making Goop

You remember the soapy water?  Well they asked if they could add the bubbles to their goop.  Of course, I said Yes!

Polymer Play : Making Bouncy Balls

My girls with their balls!

Polymer Play : Making Slime

And had lots of fun playing with it

Polymer Play : Investigating the properties of slime

...which she found possible but much harder than play dough!

Polymer Play : Checking out water beads

Spooning them...

Polymer Play : Making Snow

She enjoyed seeing the water turn from liquid to solid

Polymer Play: Making Plastic

Ribbet collagepp2


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