The truth is, this whole new blog thing feels a bit weird and unnatural. Angelicscalliwags is where I have shared stuff for years, and making this transition has felt a bit odd.

And you know me, I’m all about the feels.

I want to share as it happens, not a couple of months later. So things (such as they are) are changing. I am going to schedule a time for writing this blog into my day.

Perhaps ten minutes…

Or maybe even more.

It’ll just be me chatting…blogging for fun…

Free and wild (well, maybe not that wild, after all, I am almost fifty!)

I shall write and then post.

There will no longer be formulae or specific goals. This will be my online diary – the daily comings and goings of a woman who loves life so much she wants to wring every last fragment of joy out of every moment.

And then do what she has done for the last twelve years and write about it

So, for now, I bid you good day. I hope you have a good one!

I shall.

And very soon I’ll be sharing all about with you.

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