Precious Memories

Another fabulous week!  We have all been hard at work, and enjoying ourselves thoroughly.  We seem to be whizzing through all the work I had planned and the children (some of whom are not really children anymore) have produced some top notch work.

On Sunday we spent the day at Wisley spending some time in the nearest thing we have to a rainforest – the butterfly house:

South America-jungle-rainforest-diorama-13


Gary had Monday off and we rented a digger for the day to take out two large tree roots where our teen nook will be built.  We gave the children the day off on the understanding they would complete any work they missed before the weekend:


Gary takes out the first tree root:


And the second:


The ground all flat and ready to be paved, with A7 painting in the background:


The rest of the week went as normal.  Tuesday the older girls went to help in the assembly at our local school, A7 went trampolining and the older children went to choir practice and somewhere in between we managed a fair amount of school:

Grapevine Studies-Bible Studies-Children-5

A7 made up her own emoji game of pairs, laboriously hand drawing over 100 emoji faces, ensuring there were two of each.  She and B5 played her game over and over:


And the little ones (and the big ones 🙂  ) spent hours on a dinosaur dig:



L has been spending both school time, spare time and lunch time on her art projects and has produced some fabulous work.  She has been working on drawing with realism, drawing an apple:



Copying the great artists by repainting Cezanne’s The Blue Vase (post to follow shortly):


And doing her first project from the mixed media classes:






T has worked his way diligently through his second unit of IGCSE Chemistry, carrying out loads of experiments and building some atoms:


This unit is double the length of his first and so he will be working over two weeks to complete it.  He has also completed up to Chapter six in his IGCSE Phychology and is storming through the Algebra part of his IGCSE Maths (a fact we are quite relieved about!).


C finished her ‘Who is Jesus? study, and began the ‘Apologetics’ course.  She wrote a fabulous essay entitled Jesus – Lunatic, Liar or Lord?  She has been slowly working her way through her Public Speaking course and is currently working on an essay on a speech entitled ‘Don’t Let Fear Kill Your Dreams’.


She has completed a post for my blog which I will probably publish tomorrow about her upcoming African project and she has learnt to play ‘When the Saints go marching on’ on the piano.  She will begin piano lessons after Easter, and is spending a few minutes a day familiarising herself with it.

I love that my five year old still thinks the best place to be is anywhere near to me, even if it means sitting in a drafty hallway and blocking the doorway 🙂


It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and the children have been spending every spare minute in preparation.  I have found little notes lying all over the house, which have made my heart smile (mainly from B5 as she practices her writing for the card she has spent almost all week making):




<3 Motherhood has to be the most fulfilling thing in the whole wide world <3

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Thank you for all the lovely, thoughtful messages, emails and comments you have left over the past week.  Oh, and also T said to thank you all for the support and congratulations you sent him.

I hope you have a lovely weekend full of fun, family and lots and lots of love <3

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Thank you for encouraging me in my art! I love the picture at the top of the post of Daddy, T14,C13,A7,B5 and myself☺☺

    1. I think the course taught it very well because L13 would never consider herself a good draw-er or painter, but I do think she has done very well.

    1. It does look very realistic doesn’t it? She was so patient, adding a little bit every day. I am looking forward to seeing what she produces this week!

  2. Those wee notes our little ones give us are so special! It just occurred to me on seeing yours that taking photos of them is a good idea, seeing as there is not enough space to keep them all. Glad you’re all enjoying things 🙂

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