Precious Memories: Birthday Celebrations

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As you all know by now, it was my girls’ thirteenth birthday last Friday.  We had a really special day, which I thought I would share.

We were up and about in time for Mum to join us at 830 Friday morning.  The girls had requested chocolate croissants for breakfast, so I popped those in the oven.  Once Granny had joined us it was present opening time.  The girls main present was to get their ears pierced, but they still had a few smaller things to open.  Mum had gone shopping with them the weekend before their birthday in their annual shoe-buying spree, this time they had come home with boots.

Unfortunately things were so insanely busy on the actual day, I forgot to take pictures during some of the key moments.  I’ll post the ones I did remember to take and you’ll just have to imagine the rest!

  • Present opening, early morning:


The last picture is L’s reaction to a small jewelery kit we bought her.  She was seriously happy 🙂


The last picture shows the presents Lorna bought for the C13.  C13 is very loud, gregarious and totally in love with anything florescent.  It takes a very ‘special kind’ of person to pull off net gloves and a net skirt in florescent green.  I think she rocks it!


Thank you Lorna.  No, really.  THANK YOU.  C13 has been in seventh heaven ever since and has worn the whole caboodle almost every day!

T had taught himself how to play happy birthday on the guitar as a surprise, so we all sang along.  The girls loved it!


  • Fashion show

Lorna, K12 and B14 arrived at 930, so there were more presents to open after which the girls had a short fashion show.  We measured L, C and K and ordered four pairs of jeans in different styles for each girl from Next. They then tried on one pair at a time and we all voted on the style of jeans we preferred for each of them.  The girls then chose two of the pairs to keep; the rest we took back to the shop the next day.  (no photos, I’m afraid)

  • Ear piercing

Again no photos, but the girls had their ears pierced.  L13 has now moved on from talking about getting her ears pierced, to getting her cartilage pierced, then nose, and maybe belly button…hmmm.

  • Nature Trail

After a lunch of chocolate spread sandwiches, we popped on our huge baked potatoes to cook and left to go on our yearly nature trail hike.  I can’t believe I forgot my camera!  We do this every time the girls have a birthday.  Lorna and co, and Nik and her boys join us.  The nature trail includes loads of activities like ropes, mazes, wigwams, tree to climb….so much to take photos of, and I forgot!  Bah humbug!

  • More presents

After the trail we all went back home for some supper.  The girls had even more present opening, and were blessed to receive gorgeous soft blankets from Nik:


  • Supper time

Every year we have exactly the same food.  We are so creatures of habit!  It’s baked potatoes and toppings, Nik’s home made coleslaw followed by cake and ice cream.  I had decorated the table with an autumnal theme:


I was so pleased with how it turned out.  I love a pretty table!


Lorna had bought the chocolate birthday cake, which I had decorated to go along with the theme:


Good food, good company, all in beautiful surroundings.  We are all so blessed:


The girls had been given £5 each by one of Mum’s friends.  They went shopping the next day to spend it.  And you’ll never guess what they bought.  They spent their birthday money on a present for me to say thank you for a lovely birthday.  C13 bought me a bunch of red roses, because she said they were my favourite flowers (which they are) and L13 bought me a candle set because she said she knew I loved to burn candles (which I do every day):


How thoughtful and gorgeous is that?  Happy sigh.  I am so blessed.

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  1. I’ve so enjoyed reading your twins’ birthday week posts – thank you for sharing them with us. 🙂 Your autumn themed birthday table is exquisite.
    It’s my C’s 12th next weekend. We’re visiting my family in Wales and the children are going indoor surfing with their cousins. Not how I ever expected my mid-November-born to spend her birthday – amazing what’s possible these days!

  2. You guys are just the coolest family! Great b’day pics and celebration. And how special is that to receive a gift from the girls for making their special day so wonderful?! Well done girls! You’ve made lots of mamas so proud!

  3. That is a lovely birthday celebration, and your daughters were so thoughtful to turn around and buy you a birthday present 🙂

    1. Thank you Rebecca 🙂 I thought it was incredibly sweet, especially since they rarely have extra money to simply blow on themselves. I was a very proud mummy!

  4. How beautiful! The tablescape would be lovely for Thanksgiving if you lived in the US. In fact, I think I might follow your example! What a lovely birthday party. I have a birthday tomorrow. It is lovely that they spent their birthday money to say thank you. You do have a lovely life.

    1. I hope you post photos of your table. I love decorating my table (and taking lots of photos of it….) Somehow it is reminiscent of a homey home I always wished for growing up.

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