Precious Moments {11th-17th March}

This week we have the most glorious weather, and the children, especially the little ones, have been outside every minute they can:

The flowers are poking through, reassuring us that spring is here to stay:

The little ones had a picnic on one day and I felt incredibly privileged to witness them saying Grace before starting to eat.  If only I’d had my camera available as they scrunched their eyes shut, hands together, heads bowed, thanking God for the meal.  I didn’t but did grab a nice one of the picnic:

After a wonderful week with Gary’s parents we had to say good-bye, which is always sad:

It was a little different this time, though, because they are coming back in December to stay with the children whilst Gary and I go away for our 20th wedding anniversary <3

I’m always trying to get embarrassing photos of the teens, because let’s face, one has to take the fun when one can when one has a household of hormonal teens.  Here are some of Lillie happily obliging (!):

I also took a class one of Abigail, who whilst listening to the Bible song which goes along with the Veritas Bible Curriculum, decided to pretend she was on stage and began ‘performing’ it to the masses (actually no one was watching which is what made the whole thing very cute!):

Oscar, our gorgeous lab, was attacked yesterday, and left really shaken up.  The poor thing can hardly walk.  He is 13 years old which is really old for a lab, (the vet says he is 91 human years).  He is still in great form considering his age, but the 66 KG mastiff which hurled himself at Oscar has really knocked his for six.  He is resting with blankets, hot water bottles and the anti-inflammatories the vet gave him.  He is obviously bruised and very sore as he can hardly walk and getting himself up from lying to sitting takes enormous effort:

The children are giving lots of attention and staying close by, even when schooling:

We’ve had a great week this week with smiles all around.  Just how I like it 🙂

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. So sorry your dog was attacked. That happened to Boomer a few years ago. Two boxers attacked and knocked him down. It was really scary. I hope Oscar recovers well. What a lovely spring week.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I can just imagine how you felt overhearing your younger girls saying grace before their picnic! I hope Oscar recovers soon – surrounded by so much love I know he’s in the best possible place.💜

  3. Aw, so sorry to hear about your dog. 🙁 He’s sure looks well loved though. I just have to say that I love the picture with your adorable red head on the swing with the flowers overhead… that is just precious!

  4. Oh goodness, poor Oscar! Our Benny was attacked by two mastiffs just before he came to us and it has taken months to build his confidence back up – and he’s a young bouncy puppy. It’s lovely that your children are rallying round him though, I’m certain he’ll recognise and appreciate their loving support.

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