Precious Moments {13th – 19th May}

Another very quick post.  This week has been ALL about Thomas and his chemistry exam.  He managed to sit every single past paper before his exam on Thursday.  He honestly could not have been more prepared or worked any harder than he did.  We took both him and his friend, Sophie, to the exam yesterday morning.  Thomas is not at his best in the morning (typical teen, I think!), so Gary and I were like a well oiled machine, ensuring a good supply of fresh coffee, a healthy high protein breakfast of homemade muesli, containing five different seeds, three different nuts varieties and four different fruits along with freshly rolled oats and shoving him into a hot shower to wake him up!  By the time we left at 730 he was primped, preened and pumped ready for his exam (see what I did there – alliteration- I just knew the girls’ English revision would come in handy!).  I spent the journey testing the the two examinees on the chemical tests (Thomas’ weakest area), completely confusing them with my woeful knowledge of the subject!  It seemed to help though, as quite a few of the tests came up in the exam and he thought he had remembered them all 🙂

Gary drove into the school where they were taking the exam and stayed in the car whilst I went in with Thomas and Sophie.  I resisted the urge to give them both a bear hug, and left wishing them the best.  I hadn’t slept a wink all night, so Gary took me to a cafe to wait out the two hours before collecting them.  Both had found the paper harder than the past papers, but both felt they had done their best and managed to answer all the questions, although Thomas said he had needed to guess a few!  There is a month before their second paper so next Monday it will be back to the books for another round of chemistry revision and Paper Two past papers.

The twins are taking their English IGCSE on the 6th of June and they have also been doing past papers.  I will begin to up the ante with them from Monday onwards, but they are feeling fairly confident and so far seem to have very few worries about the actual exam.  Although to be honest they are more excited about an up and coming Christian concert/event they are going to 🙂

The little ones have been enjoying their school work, especially their maths, which is A8’s very favourite subject EVER (!) now.  They have also been learning about Israel, which is taking me much longer than I had hoped.  Time is short right now, but their exams will soon be over and things will hopefully slow down a bit 🙂  We will be spending July learning about the world wars to finish up with our history studies so that the older ones can focus only on their GCSEs next year.  This will mean the little ones and I will be starting all over again in September.  So much to do and plan and so little time to do it in 🙂

I hope you have all had a wonderful week <3


  1. I can’t wait to hear how they did (I’m sure you’re even more impatient).

    I thought of you yesterday, one of our local theater companies is going to play Around the World in 80 Days, and I’m going to have the kids read it. I’m pretty excited for it.

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