Precious Moments {15th April-21st April}

You know when you get to the end of the week tired but incredibly happy with life?  That is this week for me.  The whole week has been full of goodness.  It was lovely to have a two week break, but as usual we are all much more content when we are profitably occupied, and this week we have found a perfect blend of hard work, interest led learning and fun clubs.  It has been busy but so, so good.

It started as it always does with a Saturday full of a morning of work, and ending in our usual evening lasagne with Granny:

Most of the family spent their afternoon in town, the twins shopping with friends and Gary and Thomas enjoying three hours (!) in the music shop there.  The little ones and I passed the time in a very enjoyable way creating Easter chocolate bunnies (and teddy bears) and a wonderfully large Easter egg for Gary:

We had so much fun and were able to package up all our goodies into an Easter basket:

The little ones thoroughly enjoyed time making their Easter gifts for their brother, sisters and Daddy, and I managed to get through the whole experience without so much of a lick of chocolate off my fingers.  Still managing to stay sugar free 🙂

We always spend Sunday together as a family, eating lunch off our laps whilst we watch a video.  We always try to watch a video which points us to Christ in some way.  Good Christian films are hard to come by but we are slowly building our collection, and we are all happy to rewatch them.  This one was called Blindside and is based on a true story.  So, so good.

The beginning of the week was spent preparing for school, creating our schedule for the term ahead.  I really think we have found an excellent balance this term and I am excited for the next few weeks:

We also spent some family work time in the garden.  Gary did some work in his shed, hanging his sign on the door:

and he also took down some of the fencing he made out of pallets a few years ago.  We have big plans for the next few years:

Thomas has been enjoying lots of hugs from his little sisters:

Lillie has been creating crystals to pop onto rings:

As well as mini mermaids about an inch long:

DSC_0870Lillie’s mess might take me to an early grave or make me run away to somewhere tidier (and I am by nature very messy!) so I was pleased to see her at least attempt to organise her desk by making some beautiful pots:

Cute, no?  She has also been creating some pretty art for the top of her desk:

Little Charlotte has been devoting much of her time to her little sisters, playing board games, writing games:

and hair dressers:

There was much hilarity one afternoon when she became the daughter of Poirot and the littles were her Chinese partners in crime.  Oh my goodness!  Her accent!

The little ones have so much fun with her:

We are currently learning about David Livingstone and the girls re-enacted some of Livingstone’s diary documenting a meeting he had with a rain doctor.  Lillie played Livingstone:

whilst Charlotte was the rain man:

Lol!  Thomas was the terribly active (!) and involved stage manager:

It was sooooo funny, what with Lillie’s rather coarse Scottish accent, and Charlotte’s rather indistinguishable Russian African accent:

I am so pleased I insist on a morning meeting!  It is the only time we are all together, learning together, having FUN together.  So much laughter 🙂

The little ones have been very busy with their China study:

and learning about the world around them:

and we have made a momentous decision over their maths, which I am so happy and peaceful about and will be posting about next week.  The older ones have been head down taking past exams:

Lillie, of course, would rather be creating, but it is only for the next month or so…

A lovely week!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with the people you love <3

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Sounds like a lovely week! Have you heard of the company pureflix? They contacted me recently about their movies and I thought of them when you mentioned finding good family films. I don’t know much about them but know they have some faith based movies…

  2. Claire, I enjoyed reading about your week and looking at your beautiful photos. Lillie’s pencil pots caught my eye. Gemma-Rose made some similar ones for Sophie a couple of weeks ago! Yes, very cute!

  3. What a wonderfully loving and creative looking week! Your photos always show the love between you all so clearly that it’s a real treat to read them, Claire.

  4. Love all your photos. I especially love the little Mermaid! I love to see all the smiles!

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