Precious Moments

precious moments2

It has been a good and productive week this week, which has seen us finishing off our Australian Aboriginal unit study, learn about John Smith and Pocahontas, plod along with maths and continue on with an IGCSE English paper.


The girls have been jewelry making, drawing and scrapbooking in their spare time, whilst T has been focusing on his physics IGCSE.  He is taking a mock exam today to see how he performs under exam conditions.  L has named her jewelry company Sugar and Spice and all Jewelry Nice, which I think is kind of clever and quirky 🙂


Tuesday night, a few minutes before midnight, our toilet cistern split.  Thank goodness I was still up and heard the water pouring out onto the floor.  It could only have happened moments before but the bathroom floor was already completely covered by water.  Apparently (I can’t quite remember because I think I may have panicked slightly) I ran to our bedroom shouting at Gary that the loo had exploded and he had to do something otherwise we would all drown in our beds.  I am the queen of exaggeration.  And as I said, I panicked.

Gary, even though he was fast asleep, reacted with what can only be called lightening quick responses.  He didn’t panic, but simply turned off the water source to our house and surveyed the situation.  Note to everyone who knows me.  Gary is the one to call in an emergency, not me.


He spent Wednesday afternoon completely removing our old toilet and fitted a new one.  All by himself.  I mopped the floors.  Seriously.  Call Gary, and not me.

Our bathroom is still a bomb site and I am seriously behind on the washing due to the sheer amount of towels needed to mop up the floor.  But we didn’t drown in our beds.  Which is something to be grateful for.


Next week I will be taking my customary month off in December.  I will repost some of my previous Christmas posts, and will at some point do a yearly wrap up.  I also have a post coming out on another homeschool site, which I will post a link to.  Apart from that I will be taking it easy.

I intend to finish up school for the year and spend the festive season with my family and friends.


  1. Have a great break! Your toilet story cracked me up. I can’t wait to show my husband that I am not the only one to post pictures of their husband replacing the toilet. I am so glad you all did not drown in your beds!
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Oh, yes. So very grateful you didn’t drown! That would have been tragic.:((
    Have a lovely December and a very merry Christmas. Hugs from me to you.:))

  3. I had a toilet disaster once, it wasn’t quite as dramatic as that but it was very very frustrating and time consuming. I ended up rigging up a temporary plumbing fix with an empty liquor bottle and a piece of wood, which I felt was very enterprising of me.

  4. Everybody needs some drama for events like your toilet, otherwise it’s just a boring old broken toilet. Well done providing the fun aspect 🙂 Enjoy your time off for Christmas!

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