Precious Moments

This week we had Gary’s parents visit, which they do each year over T’s birthday.  I already posted about T’s birthday gathering which was both fun and very moving, especially during the group prayer.  It was so moving, in fact, that we have decided to do the same for every child on their birthday:

birthday 23

On Saturday we went shopping to spend our Christmas money.  I bought some Portmeirion china (which I have been collecting since Gary and I got married); Gary bought himself cycling glasses, cycling light and a very cool bag for work; T bought himself a ‘make your own base guitar kit, which he and Gary immediately began building:


The older girls went charity shopping with their Granny and came back with a variety of tops and hats, although most of their shopping was done online with acquisitions of jewellery supplies for L and more hats and pads for C!  C was specifically looking for a hat like Gary’s:


Which she particularly liked when she saw how it looked on her:


Personally, I thought B rocked it when she tried on the whole ensemble (!):


How cute is she?

The littles bought some paints, some face paints and a dinosaur each for school next week.  Their sisters spent much of the afternoon painting their faces:



Which we then spent the next hour of so bathing, showering and then scrubbing off, and still there were remnants left.  Never again!

The rest of the week we relaxed away, spending waaaaay too much time on screens, watching Dinosaur films and playing Bible quiz with Granny:


And as always there was stacks of time to just hang out, enjoying each other-

Colouring at breakfast:


Dancing with each other:


Putting up with mother taking photos of you in pajamas:


Doing, I don’t know what, before breakfast:


Preparing veggies for Sunday lunch:


And cuddling:



Lots and lots of cuddling:


Because really, you can never have enough pictures of your family enjoying each other:



Or comforting each other:



After all, that is what families are for:


And life doesn’t get much better than when you are surrounded by the people you love.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend with much love and laughter <3

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  1. You are so right! You can’t ever have enough pictures of snuggling, happy, smiling beautiful people, especially if they’re related to you. 🙂 Loved this post, totally made my day.
    God bless you on this fantastic Friday!

  2. B does rock the whole ensemble!! That make your own guitar kit looks really cool as well. Rose would probably enjoy that 🙂

  3. Looks like a lovely peaceful week. I love how cuddly you all are, especially how your son is with his sisters

  4. IF you wouldn’t mind letting me know what dinosaur movies you watched? I plan on doing a Unit Study on dinosaurs with my ‘bigs’ age 7 and 4 sometime in the next year. We try and incorporate media if we can.

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