Precious Moments {1st April – 7th April}

It has been a glorious week this week seeing friends and enjoying the very definite spring-time weather…just lovely!

We had friends over from Northern Ireland just for the weekend but we squeezed lots in and were exhausted by Sunday 🙂  Danielle took all the older girls up to London to see the sights:

The trip up to London last summer obviously did the trick as they all seemed to do well finding everything they wanted to see.  They had make overs at Lush:


Tried on clothes they would never wear out in public (the girls had mini mini denim shorts on….

Tried on lots (and lots) of clothes in Top Shop:


Dreamed some very unrealistic dreams in Harrods (the jacket Charlotte is holding is £2000!):

Completely smashed the whole travelling on the underground:

And lastly saw the sights with a boat ride:

Next day we all (well, all the females) went to the Ideal Home Exhibition:

where we bought some snacks at an extortionate price:

Had another make over:

Tried our best to see everything we could:

before leaving, happy but very tired:

Next day they had to leave.  Becca was very sorry to see them go, but we had all had a great time!

Monday, A8 was at a friend’s house so B5 and I spent lots of time together:

We went to a charity shop and bought a cuddly teddy bear for a pound:

Climbed trees (well, I didn’t, obviously, but B5 did whilst I played photographer):

Fed the ducks:

and the geese:

watched the terrapins:

before heading off to the park:

The rest of the week was spent with my little ones:

going for walks:

visiting the pond:

going to the park:

doing some bunny hunts at the library:

and having impromptu picnics:

Thomas has been busy working each day at the bakery and his gardening jobs, and the girls have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to take any photos of them.

To encourage sibling love Thomas is planning on spending 1-2-1 with each of his twin sisters separately, taking them for a hot chocolate.  I did manage to grab a photo of them thanking him.  And this is a great photo to end on:

I just LOVE the privilege of being a mother  <3

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. What a sweet mother-daughter day you spent with your little one.

    And I just love what good friends your kids seem to be. Mine are too . . . mostly. 🙂

  2. It definitely sounded like an all-girl time. I like the way that all combinations of relationships are nurtured in your family.

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