Precious Moments

The biggest news this week is that we have finally got the base down for our teen nook and man cave for the bottom of our garden!  The week began with dismantling the small rotten shed we had and smashing up its concrete base, to be incorporated into the larger, soon to be laid, concrete base.  Here they are breaking it up:


and spreading it around a bit (you can get a feel for how big it will be):


We were kept waiting for three hours for the cement, but it did eventually arrive, and, boy, did the boys work hard…





…collecting more:


….raking it through:


….leveling it out:


This was not an easy job, and the boys were at it for hours:


It was well worth it though, because the next morning it looked like this:


and included a few rogue foot prints 🙂


Once down, we were able to put in an order for our shed.  It is a 100% wood, hand-built-to-specification, building, with real glass in the windows.  We are hoping, with a bit of work, to be able to turn what is still basically a shed, into a wonderful and usable space with electricity and heating.  It is due to be delivered in May, so watch this space!

Whilst the boys were constructing, the little ones were homing the frogs and toads they found:



as well as spending lots of happy hours on their bikes:



and competing with C over the very small garden swing, hanging off our plum-tree:



L has, of course, been painting and I had to laugh at the general mess which seems to follow her everywhere she goes 🙂  Much like the mess which seems to follow me around!


She has thoroughly enjoyed herself with this week’s collage.  Here it is almost finished:


and finished, with a Bible verse:



And she has also been busy with her jewellery making:



And speaking of jewellery making, L has just discovered the joys of paper bead making, and has been filming herself explaining how she makes them:




None of the children have a YouTube account, so I giggled when at the end she stated…’and you can subscribe by pressing the button below.  See you all when I return for my next video’  Bless.  She makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside <3


C has been diligently practicing piano, singing and bongos for half an hour each a day, until Tuesday when she declared she was all music-ed out and then went up to choir!  I’m sure you see the irony?


Both girls have been getting into hair styling at the moment.  L13 dyed A7’s hair red using some powdered drink!  A7 LOVED it, her mother and father…not so much 🙂



Fortunately it washed completely out during that night’s bath.  Phew!

Here the girls are at one of their salons, reading Jane Austin whilst having hair styled.  Oh, yes,  one must style and be educated at the same time, if at all possible 🙂


T was delighted and thoroughly blessed by a man at church who gave him a truly gorgeous 12 string guitar.  He LOVES it and the sound it makes is so much richer than a regular six string guitar!




And just to finish up, because I don’t seem to have many photos of my youngest cutie-pie, here she is cuddling her big brother:


And really?  Life doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter <3


  1. I love your precious moments posts. I especially love seeing what your older children are up to as I also have three teens and am home educating in England. It is hard to balance their enjoyment with what they need to do.

  2. Interesting, I didn’t know you could get 12 string guitars! The drink dye worked very well!! I think I agree, her natural colour is much prettier :O

  3. That’s so amazing for T! My step-dad has an amazing Washburn 12-string and its an honor when he lets someone play it. Its like this big novelty at church, haha. The shed foundation looks very well done too. 🙂 I had some friends that dyed their hair with BLUE Kool-Aid, and it didn’t wash completely out for months! You certainly were lucky! 🙂

  4. Oh, I can’t wait to see the new teen room/ man cave. It looks like it is going to be large. I am sure everyone is very excited. Looks like you’ve had another very busy week. We have a couple of girls who would love to Kool-Aid dye their hair, but their mean mother has told them no. She is very uncooperative.;)
    Enjoy your weekend with your sweeties.:)

    1. I think my mean husband would completely agree with your meanness and rename it being sensible. Sense is not something I have in barrel loads….!

  5. Such a sweet family! I love all the pics. That looks like a huge job with the teen hangout, but I bet there is such an amazing sense of satisfaction in a job well done. You’re lucky that hair color washed out. Megan dyed hers with Kool-Aid and it was supposed to wash out in a couple of shampoos, but it never did.

    1. Hi Kris! My girls tried to dye their hair blue but they have such dark hair, nothing really shows up. I think their goal when we go to Ireland is to have it professionally dyed blue (it is waaay cheaper out there). Unless of course you want to send your daughter over…..

  6. The problem I run into is by the time I get to the bottom of your posts, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say about the top of the posts…..

    That teen cave is going to be so cool!
    Your kids having a youtube channel would be so much fun!
    I used to have a friend in college who dyed his hair with Koolaid all the time, he said it was sticky sometimes.

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