Precious Moments {29th April- 5th May}

I am very time poor at the moment, what with working alongside the littles and working with Thomas on his chemistry for hours each day.  It’s paid off though because he is definitely starting to find the past papers a little easier.  We were blessed by his physics teacher coming round and helping him with his moles (some mathematical calculation in chemistry – yes, I am next to useless at chemistry!) and he and I have been focusing his revision on organic chemistry, which was another weak area.

Anyway, time poor means less recording of what has gone on this week.  In fact I feel quite proud I have even managed to put together a precious moments post, however scant 🙂

The littles spent almost the entire weekend making ‘youtube’ videos.  B6 is really quite good.  She showed me one she had made….twenty five minutes I was still watching it!  Boy can she talk!

I had the pleasure of being part of a church service with Gary leading worship and Thomas playing electric guitar with his new pedal board.  It was so much fun 🙂  The last song was Build Your Kingdom Here (by Rend Collective) and they were rocking it and enjoying themselves so much!!  This is a quick photo I took of them running through the songs together:

The littles have enjoyed schooling in their new school area under the stairs.  It is not very well-lit as yet but once it is it will be perfect!

It is the perfect place from which to watch their art videos from ArtAchieve and the health videos from MarshMedia (review to come).  They have also been enjoying their new Maths curriculum with Fred from the fun series Life of Fred:

This week Lillie took to the kitchen and learnt to make Irish Stew, using beef this time (Thomas had used lamb).  Gary, who is the font of all Irish knowledge, said her’s tasted just like he would have had as a child.  Thomas and I much preferred the lamb:

She also made and iced some coffee cup cakes:

We had friends round on Tuesday.  I set up all the science kit and kaboodle and they spent the afternoon making lotions and potions:

Wednesday we all went up to Manna, their Christian drama group.  I sat in the car school planning whilst they acted, sung and danced their way through the two and a half hours it is on for.  The older ones also did a CPR course, which was free and I think, a very useful skill to have.

A8 will be joining them on Saturday to record an audio book of Raggedy Doll, a play she has a principal part in, which is being put on at Christmas at our local theater.

At the beginning of the week I could see Thomas was getting more and more stressed over his Chemistry.  He wants to do it justice in the exam and, being in two weeks time, he felt he just did not have enough time to get to a place of feeling confident.  So I got to work on figuring out a schedule which will allow him structured revision time as well as time to exercise, read for pleasure and relax, even sleep if necessary.  It seems to have worked well as he is definitely not as stressed any more, is feeling more confident about his chemistry and has decided to build a fort in the garden for his little sisters:

They have loved just spending that time with their big brother <3

On Thursday, whilst Thomas was skating and Charlotte had taken her littlest sister to the park, Lillie took A8 to the local charity shop.  What a blessing it was as they returned with a heap of jewellery for her and a very cool leather jacket for A…..all for free!

How grown up does she look?!

Today we will be having our weekly conferences and finishing of everything on our to do list and then we are all off for the weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful couple of days with friends and family <3

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Your little girls certainly have a lovely life. What fun activities and what a wonderful big brother they have! And your big girls are such lovely young women.
    I wish your Thomas well on his exams. May his heart and mind be peaceful.

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