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This week has been all about our new school room.  We had hoped to have it finished by now but we are nowhere near it.  Everything takes so much longer when you have five children needing your attention.  We have almost finished our science nook:

Ribbet collage4

1) Gary is working on some shelves which we will use to display all their science bits.  This is to encourage them to use it more frequently.

2) Gary also made some small bookcases to sit either side of the fire-place.  This is a close up one of them.

3) This photo shows both of the bookcases.  Don’t I have a clever husband?

4) We are using the fireplace to store our six science boxes, which handily fit in exactly.  I am using curtains I hand sewed the first year of my marriage to hide the boxes.

During the last two weeks, the children have been learning about the one hundred year war through literature.  I will be posting about the resources we used next week.  As well as their war study they have also been continuing with their projects:

Ribbet collage3

1) Here T12 is working out placement and audio for when he records his play.  His goal is to record his sisters acting out his play and burn it onto a DVD to be shown as part of his presentation in April

2) C11 is working on her project board for her peasant girl.  This will be displayed as she gives her dolly fashion show

3) Here is her peasant doll which will be completed today.  Next week she will be moving on to her knight’s lady

4) This is the stage setting for T12’s play, which is a modern-day reporter who interviews the main players of the War of the Roses

The little ones have also had their fair share of fun this week away from their normal school:

Ribbet collage2

1) B3 is trying on Gary’s jester hat for our medieval feast!

2)  Just a beautiful close up of my beautiful five-year old

3) Here they both are working at some mosaics.  The past two weeks they have had a big preschool adventure box from which to choose their activities, all requiring little to no input from me.

4) My B3 drawing with her twisty knob thingymajingy.

On Sunday we had the most glorious weather and took a unanimous decision to have a day out at the beach.  We all had such a fabulous time.  Sigh, these are the days forever memories are made from.  So wonderful.

Ribbet collagebeach

I have been attempting to include me in some of the photos.  I’m not at all keen, but I didn’t think our memory scrap-book would be terribly complete without me in it, so I am breathing deeply and letting them all take turns snapping away.

1)  A rare photo of my guys and me

2)  The love of my life

3) Gary captured this one of T12 rushing up to show me one of his finds.

4) We went for a walk along the peer, and I managed to get this lovely photo of everyone bar A5

Ribbet collagebeach 1

1) I love this picture which shows just how close L11 is to her twin, c11.  The bond between twins does seem to be exceptionally close and it is beautiful to watch

2) After our walk along the peer, B3 needed a little helping hand from Daddy to get her back to the car

3) I love this picture of T12 and L11.  It has been interesting to see their relationship blossom over the past couple of years.  L11 is gentle, kind, loving and very attentive, which of course being a boy, T12 loves!  His relationship with L11 is a tender, protective one.  C11, in contrast, is his mate, his partner in crime.  They have always got on really, really well, but they are both incredibly headstrong, which means their relationship is sometimes explosive, especially when hormones are added into the mix!  T12 would still protect her with his life if it came down to it.  He has already staked his claim on approval rights of any of his sisters’ future boyfriends!!

4) I snapped this picture of my girls returning to the beach, chips in hand, ready for a chip picnic.

And that sums up our week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, filled with fun and laughter with those you love.

Homegrown Learners photo 50ee37ee-4f60-43f2-83eb-bb7deb75fd49_zpsbacda61d.png


  1. Loving the transformation of your living room into school room! Your beach trip looks as if it was a whole lot of fun. And you really should be in more photographs! Sorry I have been so scarce, but we are counting down the weeks… my man is back last week April and we hope to be in Scotland together first week May. Yay!!

    1. Hello! I was thinking about you and wondering how everything was going. How is Craig settling in Scotland? Is he coping with the weather?
      I have a blogging friend who is in Scotland if you are interested. She has a little boy about the same age as yours.
      Take care Liezel, and do let me know how it all goes. I’ll be praying for a smooth transition for you all.

  2. I loved seeing the beach pictures! It looks like fun was had by all :-)…Also loved the doll clothing. That looks like such a fun project!

    1. The doll’s clothes has been a much harder project than either of us thought it would be, but so many new skills are being learnt that I think it has been well worth the effort.

  3. Love the school room! Can we come learn there? Your photos are wonderful of your week, thank you for sharing. Holly

  4. I love the seaside, we’re hoping the weather in Scotland improves soon so we can go to the coast for my birthday! Looks like you all had a brilliant time.

  5. What a great week – and such cleverness in your household – the bookshelves, T12’s project! It’s lovely to see you in these pictures! Your family will be so grateful for it in later years. And so nice to see how close your kids are to each other, beautiful!

  6. Aww. So sweet. I love the family pictures. Yes, you must be included, but I know exactly how you feel.
    The new school room is looking great. I know projects always take much longer than we think, but it will be so worth it!
    It looks like everyone has had a very busy week. You are brilliant at keeping everyone going in the midst of such a big project. Well done, Claire.
    Have a most marvelous weekend. Wish Gary and T12 were here. We will be working on yard projects including cutting tree limbs. We are in no way professionals. Hope we survive!

  7. It looks like a wonderful week. I’m with you, I love pictures like you posted where it shows how much the kids love each other. My boys don’t hold hands with each other as much as they used to, but they’re still pretty much inseparable (we still sometimes use separation as punishment for them when they’ve disobeyed).

    1. There is something incredibly special about the bond between twins. L and C only very rarely get irritated with each other and even then it is usually down to those pesky hormones!

  8. I love all the photos this week! I used to HATE to be on the receiving end of photos, but you’re right – your kids memories include you, so the photos must, too. No matter how you feel about being photographed. 🙂

    I love the photos of T12 and L11 and I can relate to your comment about him and C11. Josh and Megan used to be inseparable partners in crime. Now, those hormones have kicked in and they’re the two that bicker the most. Still, he wouldn’t let anyone else hurt her. I think they’ll come around in a couple of years.

    I also really love the photo of your girls walking back from the beach together. So sweet!

    Enjoy your weekend, friend!

    1. When C and T began to butt heads (about age 10-11) I was at a loss what to do, all three had always got on so well. Whilst we absolutely discourage bickering in every form, the obvious irritation which exists between them for that 1 or 2 days per month (ahem) has become our new norm. Now it is about them finding positive ways to deal with their strong personalities rather than taking it out on each other.
      I hope you’re right about it settling in a year or two. I prefer a peaceful house!

  9. Oh, I am so bad about being in photos with my kids, but I should get more of them.

    The book cases are great! Good job, hubby!

  10. How awesome that Gary is so handy and so good at making things! I love how your learning space is coming together. Pictures at the beach are just wonderful.

  11. Love the bookcases!! I love how busy your kids always are. Isn’t it wonderful for them to explore their own interests! I always love when Keilee is busy with something. Your day at the beach looks magnificent. You are right; truly memory making. Happy week Claire.

  12. Such a beautiful family and lovely photos! The love you all have for eah other is very evident! I love the beach pics! It is still snowing here today! UGH! Hope to see you at FF tomorrow!

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