Precious Moments

This week has been the last week before our ten week summer writing program begins, and I should have done a stack of work to prepare for it.  Instead I have been luxuriating in the gorgeousness that is my life and getting thoroughly behind on all things writing.  We have had a really lovely relaxing week, plodding through a bit of work each day and having lots of fun in the process.  The weather has been either absolutely wonderful or absolutely atrocious as some of the heaviest rain fell.  Today it is glorious once more 🙂

The weather has meant lots of playing outside, especially for the little ones:


A7 has enjoyed checking her weather vane, which she and Thomas made last week, each day, and is looking forward to starting her weather activity set I have bought for her to do to go along with her Science Shepherd curriculum:


She and B5 have found a heap of clay behind our sheds and spent a happy day creating clay creations and generally getting very muddy:


Her favourite model?  An Owl:


The older ones have enjoyed some 1-2-1 time with their younger siblings, with Thomas teaching A7 some ‘Special Effects’ science as well as making a heart:


And L13 teaching B5 how to use blow pens:


This was a huge hit with B5 and kept her busy all afternoon:




L13 is still busy preparing for her Jewellery party/presentation.  We have yet to set a definitive date because we are trying to find one which suits a friend of ours who has helped L out with jewellery making supplies as well as trying to have it when my mum is in the country because she really wants to come.  The delay has been quite useful because it has enabled L to make more paper bead jewellery, which is really very beautiful and probably her best work:


Beads drying:


L threading the home-made beads with some seed beads:


We had to laugh because unbeknownst to any of us B5 had taken herself upstairs, emptied out all of L13’s beads and made herself a rather fancy bracelet:


L also spent some time making a card and piece of art for her singing teacher.  Although she does not take singing lessons she is a member of the youth choir and sibling band and she really wanted to know what her vocal range was.  Leah (Charlotte’s vocal coach) offered to give her a 1-2-1 session so she could find out.  Leah had seen her art work around the house and commented on it, so L decided to make her one of her very own:



One of my favourite moments was listening to Thomas teaching L to play his home-made bass guitar:


The second picture I took was them playing a song from Les Miserables musical and they didn’t know I was there.  Honestly, nothing makes me happier than their loving relationships:


Thomas has also done heaps of practice on his electric guitar.  He is teaching himself classical guitar, electric guitar and bass.  He has only been learning 8 months or so but is picking it up really easily.  He completely believes God is calling his to one day lead worship and so he is very serious and dedicated about his music:


On Monday he will be starting with a nearby town’s Choral Society, which he is hoping will train his voice even more.

I haven’t seemed to get many photos of Charlotte, mainly because she does most of her work upstairs where the piano is located.  But I did manage to get one of her looking gorgeous with her new head scarf:


I’m off now to try to fit four weeks of planning into approximately three days 🙁  That’s what I get for being lazy these past few weeks!

Enjoy your weekend everyone  <3

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Sounds like a lovely break. I am enjoying the various pairings during the week. I hope to get my weekly post up soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing your week. The pictures are such a joy. I love how your children are so very close.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you, my friend.:)

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