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This week has been fairly chilled as we take a summer break in the first time in forever.  The weather has been gorgeous and almost too hot at times.  Thomas is over with his Northern Irish relatives, spending lots of time with his cousins and, as far as we can tell, having an absolute ball!  The girls and I have been having lots of fun eating ice cream to cool down, watching Arrow together and staying up late 🙂

I am starting off with some embarrassing photos of Thomas because we all miss him so much (even though we have all talked to him on the phone almost daily, sometimes twice daily 🙂


Last Saturday we all went bowling again.  I lost.  A7, who named herself ‘Lucky’ for the night, was in deed lucky all. night. long.  She may not have had the best form, she may have looked as if she didn’t know what she was doing, but every single ball hit almost every single pin, every single go.  She did so well she managed to get her name on the ‘best players of the month board‘.  I was doing well if the ball came in contact with any of the pins 🙁

A7 simple went up, threw the bowling ball down the alley:


And wandered away, without even checking whether she had hit anything!  Next time I shall be just as nonchalant, and maybe my score will improve 😉


I always think B5 looks very cute playing.  She insists on doing it herself, even though the balls probably weigh more than she does:




She did fairly well though coming in third after A7 and Gary.  The older girls and their mother were not doing well at all, and even chanced their luck taking each other’s goes to see if we could improve each other’s score!  Win or lose, we all had stacks of fun:


Thomas was leaving in a couple of days and his sisters just knew they would be missing him hugely:



Gary had to fly out with Thomas on Monday as he was under 16, so they left at 345am (!).  Gary was then flying home at 730 to be home for around 930pm.  Unfortunately his plane was delayed and he ended up being back at 1am.  Bearing in mind he had been up for almost 24 hours at this point, he was exhausted!  And he had to get up for work just four hours later…..what a trooper!

The girls and I made good use of the time we had together by scrap-booking some Proverbs 31.  First Lillie’s:


And mine:DSC_0783

(I haven’t included Charlotte’s because some of it was private.)

I had to laugh when I overheard the twins talking, quite earnestly, about who they thought might get married first.  They both agreed it would probably be Lillie.  I glanced up at Charlotte and told her I couldn’t think why it wouldn’t be her…..there she was happily sticking stickers all over her face!!


Yup.  That’s my girl!  So proud 😉

Mum popped round in the week to show Lillie what her African jewellery looked like.  I thought she looked so pretty, I had to take a snap.  I feel completely fuddy duddy next to my mum!


I also caught some lovely pictures of my youngest pretending to be a buzzy bee, blowing bubbles.  She was probably outside for an hour or more by herself, happily playing:


The older girls have been doing some DIY, cutting down some jeans to make a couple of pairs of denim shorts.  Lillie had taken to them with some of her jewellery making supplies and some paint.  They were chuffed with the results!


Cute, aren’t they?


We are doing bits of school to finish up various subject.  Here are the girls doing a cookie excavation:


The younger girls doing a ‘proper’ dinosaur excavation in the garden:



Whilst the older ones finished up some of their writing for the Victorian newspaper we are currently creating:

susan watson 7

Elsewhere on the blog this week, I have posted all our Anglo Saxon Resources:

Anglo-saxon Unit Study-resources

A Review of Susan Watson’s Writing curriculum:

Sharon Watson

A post about how to make your own sedimentary rock:

sedimentary rock

And a post describing how to have an authentic paleontology dig:

paleontology dig

Just click on the pictures to be taken to the post.

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Was that an airline policy that under 16s can’t fly alone? My 15 yo is just back from her first ever overseas trip (trampoline training camp) and could fly solo. The 11 yo in the group had to be in the care of an adult but not the rest of them. Interesting the different policies.

  2. We haven’t gone bowling in ages. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Looking forward to hearing more about the Victorian newspaper.

  3. Lovely to see what you’ve all been doing while we were away. Your little girls are growing up so fast! I hope Thomas has a safe return from his adventure. Enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

  4. Looks like a very fun week. I have to say, Mum looks absolutely fabulous! She way outshines me!
    Bowling looks fun. We haven’t been in a while, but now, thanks to A, I know exactly how to win! Great for her. WooHoo! Hope you are having a good week. The girls are off to camp again, so it is just me and the boy during the day. Take care.

  5. The shorts turned out fabulous! We haven’t been bowling in forever. I’m terrible at it, but I enjoy trying.

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