Precious Moments

I went to bed last night and just felt very, very content. Life is good right now. Thomas is happily ensconced in his dream job as an assistant worship pastor. Living at home, working a little from home and a lot from the church, it is the perfect balance of home and work for his stage in life:

In his music studio

Lillie has begun university and is really happy with the group of people she has been bubbled with. It is crazy hard work, but she is loving most of it. She is thinking about progressing down the fashion promotion lane as it uses all her natural skills and is taught by a hilarious guy. She is so tired at the moment, getting over last week’s cold and beginning education outside the house for the first time:

In her art studio

Charlotte is well. I say this tentatively, because I know how fragile and unpredictable her health can be. But after some nasty relapses over the past year, one which led to her being unable to walk without a walking stick, unable to sleep because of the pain on breathing, and unable to be anywhere but a dark room on account of a migraine which would not go away regardless of how much medicine she took, Charlotte is now well. Not just getting by. Not just a shadow of her former self. She is her former self. Taking her out of school was the best move in so many ways:

In her writing nook

I will be writing a post about each of my older children (soon, I promise!) and will be sharing what each of them are doing at the moment.

This week has been a good productive one. The littles have finished another chapter of their Botany text book (yes, we are still going – slowly but surely!):

They are working on their own a lot more, which is wonderful. They have also finished and completed a test for each of the workbooks they do for ACE (Maths, Word Building, Science and Social Studies). They work on their maths and word building each day, and the rest they do on a Friday whilst I am writing this and doing school planning for the next week. The goal is to finish one book for each subject per month, which we have managed to do during September:

Again, this is done independently and means I get to do some housework or cooking.

Our history studies are going really well. The girls have really (really) enjoyed learning about the suffragettes. Sometimes I find a resource which is so good to be worth every single penny. Our suffragette book is just such a resource. Love it!

I also bought a suffragettes replica pack which the girls have loved pouring over

We are also learning about Winsor McCay, the first ever cartoonist. This is probably the girls’ favourite part of the day.

I shall leave you with a couple of photos, one of Lillie dancing around the kitchen whilst doing her morning chores:

And Becca doing what she loves to do the most, make home-made Christmas presents:

I love the Autumn! Lights on, fires lit, cosy patchwork quilts and snuggling up together ❤


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