Precious Moments

A great week of workbooks and interest led learning, not so much Edwardian stuff, which is a bit worrying as we are meant to be finishing the Edwardian Times in three weeks time. Crumbs!

This post is going to be photo heavy as we have spent the morning getting tested for Covid as part of a governmental statistics thing, and I have some school planning to do for next week.

So this post will be a bit different in that it will have photos with some writing directly underneath to explain them:

Abigail perfecting her pastry recipe
Becca copying the style of Van Gogh
Educational meet ups
One year anniversary
Learning to hem
Hemming on the machine
Lesson learnt!
Working on a professional brief in her pajamas!
Making a chicken and coconut curry for dinner
Patchwork materials
Learning to iron before sewing
Pinning the front, padding and backing together
Sewing the areas together with Abigail doing some MEL Science in the back-ground
Doesn’t the orange look lovely?
Abs experiment was making a tin plated key-ring
So interesting watching it change from orange…
…to blue
Isn’t that great?
Making some oven baked kale – thank you for everyone who sent in recipes – I thought I’d try the oven baked ones first as they seemed to be fairly well thought of
Abigail went a bomb on them, Becs ate a few, but the rest of us couldn’t get past the bitter taste. I didn’t use vinegar in this recipe so next time I shall try that and see if it makes a difference

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Claire- I used to post on here all the time but haven’t been able to access my WordPress account for some reason. Anyway, Charlotte’s symptoms sound very much like Lupus to me. I know you have seen specialists and I am just someone on the web who’s followed your blog for years but all of her symptoms scream Lupus to me. It is hard to get a dx for here in the US and isn’t unusual to be misdiagnosed for years. If you have a Lupus foundation or support group there I think it would be worth checking out.

  2. You all always do such wonderful learning. We went through Covid testing here this week too…although it was because my husband was sick. He came out negative…Hurray.
    Blessings, Dawn

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