Precious Moments

Precious Moments

We’ve got only two more weeks before finishing our Edwardian study and the girls’ presentation. We’ve cut back on workbooks this week to try to fit it all in…

Apologia: Flying Creatures

This week we learnt about Pterosaurs. The girls filled in their notebooks, did a cross word and read a few books on Pterosaurs left over from our unit study on dinosaurs years ago.


We have done lots of work on the explorers this week, a lot of disgusting work. I am not sure how explorers live a week in the Antarctic let alone months and years – the food they had to eat was absolutely revolting! I have spent the week trying not to make myself sick. We dried meat to make pemmican, made two types of sledging biscuits and hoosh, a type of soup made from pemmican and sledging biscuits. We also did some map work and the girls wrote an Antarctica newspaper. Lastly, we did a leadership study on Ernest Shackleton:


We finished most of the reading for our Titanic study. Gary worked along side the girls to build a morse code key, and the girls worked with the key to prepare for the up coming presentation:

Delight learning

Becca continued with her latest Van Gogh painting whilst Abigail baked numerous chocolate and orange swirl cake. I took a photo of the immense mess she makes each time she graces our kitchen 🙂

Becca has found this particular picture really hard to copy. There have been tears and moods and much procrastination. Not the delight learning we were aiming for! That said, she has doggedly continued (I encouraged her not to give up) and I think she has learnt so much and done really well. She probably has one more session to complete it. I think this will be her last Van Gogh, before she begins a brand new artist study.

Charlotte has been struggling with her health this week. Although we haven’t had an official result, one of her doctors has said that the EEG showed she was having myoclonic jerk seizures, albeit non epileptic ones. I’m not sure what this means in terms of treatment, but she has been referred back to the neurologist again. I am extremely grateful that she has been cleared of any mental health problems, but of everything, I think it is her jerks which bother her and us the most. They are extremely painful and at times completely uncontrollable, happening every few seconds or so. Charlotte is so incredibly brave. She fights every day to live a meaningful life. She writes her book, her blog and makes tic tok videos about chronic health problems (she is as always using her voice to try to help others in a similar situation), she studies each day on her Criminal Profiling Course and her Proof-Reading and Editing course and remains very much a part of our family, joining in every activity with as much energy and enthusiasm as possible.

I thought I’d share some photos of the lovely office her daddy made especially for her. It is so beautiful, made out of old loft boards which he lovingly sanded down, polished and glued together to create this:

Isn’t that wood lovely?

She can shut the door and have some privacy because Gary cut a semicircle out of the desk:

Please could you pray for Charlotte in the coming weeks? We’re not sure what the answers are, what treatment are available or what will help. She is being referred to CBT, an ME/Fibromyalgia clinic and Neurology. We are praying that there is some thing or some body who will have an answer to improving her health.

Thank you, lovely people xx


  1. Of course I’m happy to keep you all in my prayers. I hope Charlotte gets some answers soon. It looks like a wonderful week of learning!

  2. We will certainly be praying for Charlotte. Her office and smile are beautiful. That explore food looks down right awful.
    Blessings, Dawn

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