Precious Moments

We are in finishing up mode at the moment, in readiness for going on our Easter break next Thursday. This means it has all been itty bitty…

One of our main goals this week was to clear the garden. Not very home school-y I know, but none the less was important. We had a lot of work done over lockdown last summer and the garden has not really recovered. We will be getting a skip in over Easter, and then Gary has a week or so off in May to to a complete garden revamp:

I am very excited about not having a builders yard outside our back door!

Work wise, we finished up some work on Peter Pan, completing a character study of Peter; both girls are finishing up their current Life of Fred Maths books and we have been reading the Edwardian Mystery Series (review coming later on this fabulous series – we have one and a half books to go) and watching a week by week play of the First World War — we try to watch about four episodes each day.

The girls also did some work on their trench model:

Abigail made some healthy and very nutty granola this week, which was SO good:

Becca has finished sewing her World War One soldier’s trousers, which we are all so pleased with!

I will write about how we made them perhaps next week. She also chose some seeds from her collection and planted them for spring:

Tony, who stayed with us last year for a few months whilst he recuperated from a fairly major operation, popped in for a socially distanced chat:

We all love Tony, and it was great seeing him looking so well.

The girls are seeing more of their best friend Evie-Mae, now that everyone is back at school. She is also homeschooled. They hang out in their shed, which between the three of them they are making very homey and comfy:

Today they had their on-line lessons: first ‘Saving the Planet’ in which they are designing and writing a magazine for younger children and next ‘Recycled Rubbish Art’ when they made cute Easter baskets from plastic bottles. Great fun was had by all. I take Lillie out shopping and for lunch on a Friday so I didn’t get any photos. Perhaps next week, I’ll get some of all the projects they have done this term.

Next week, we shall be focusing on our Apologia Science: Flying Creatures and getting that finished, in addition to some maths work. We will then be taking two weeks off for Easter.

One last photo of my twins, who seem to want to join the army…

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. At first I thought that emoji pillow in the shed was a little sticker you you using to cover something/someone you didn’t want seen! Lol. It looks like a great week. I started cleaning up our yard a bit too and am always amazed at how much work in involved.

  2. What a great week. Isn’t it lovely that it is starting to feel like spring. The trousers look great and your kids are so very talented.
    Blessings, Dawn

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