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I took hardly any photos of school this week, even though we got lots done. We were due to have this week off as part of the girls’ Easter holidays. But, to be honest, we are all much happier when we are living our normal routine. Before I get into the educational side of things, can we take a moment to appreciate the very British weather we have been having of late:

What the ??! It was summer last week, for goodness sake! I was a little perturbed because I had only planted out some parsley and some basil the evening before. I had checked the weather, which according to those in the know, was going to be sunny intervals. With no mention of frost, let alone snow!

My herbs, of course, suffered a sudden and rather chilly demise. But one can forgive snow of almost anything on account of its utter beauty. So I thanked God for His gift and enjoyed a silent, solitary wander in our local woods as the sun was coming up. It was glorious.

Okey dokey. Back to homeschool.

This week I wanted to finish off some itty bitty stuff for our Flying Creatures science curriculum. This included making some play dough life cycle models for a dragonfly, a butterfly and a grasshopper:

We also popped up some bird homes in our apple tree:

as well as replacing all the food in our bird feeders (actually, I did that one early morning, but I’ll be writing about that tomorrow):

The girls did a few Maths Mysteries’ from Twinkl and some comprehension exercises on all things World War One. I also taught them how to do a book review:

We have been finishing Christmas 1914, the first Christmas of the Great War. The girls made some Princess Mary Christmas Boxes, which the 17 year old princess raised a fund to create to send to all the soldiers in active service over that first Christmas:

Abigail baked on two of the days, both times baking some lemon scones for her Level Two in Cookery. I didn’t get any photos, although realising I forgot, I did take one of my half eaten one. They were too good not to get a mention!


Becca also did some sewing towards her Level One in Textiles, but I wasn’t here when she did it and so have no photos (apologies, I’ve really not done well in the photo stakes this week)

I’ve baked bread most days. Charlotte is now gluten free to see if this will improve her health any. Gluten free bread is expensive, and my home made version is really not in any way good or appetising. So I buy the gluten free bread for her, and bake a gluten loaf for everyone else:

The children have been enjoying this with some gluten free pasta salad. I made a really tasty dressing from the juice of one lemon and one lime, olive oil, honey, grated ginger and finely chopped chilli peppers. I strained the dressing to get rid of the chilli and the ginger, but even so, it was very very fiery!

Well, that’s it for this week. I will make more of a concerted effort to take photos of my children next week! Have a great weekend everyone xx

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  1. We woke up today to a good couple inches of snow and were saying the exact same thing! I had sandals and short sleeves on last week.

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