Precious Moments

I managed to get lots of lovely photos this week! It has been glorious weather and we are all enjoying being outdoors more, especially me – I am LOVING my new hobby!

On Saturday, Thomas decided to wash both his car and ours. He had a very willing helper, who you may or may not be able to see in the big car:

She loves nothing more than spending time with her big brother:

We all went to the garden centre on Saturday (as I say, I am loving gardening) and we found a green house on offer. It’s only a plastic one but is useful for protecting plants against the frosty mornings:

On Sunday we had our normal feast of waffles, fruit salad, maple syrup and Greek yogurt. I look forward to this meal all week!

Lillie is doing a fascinating art project exploring Charlotte’s hallucinations. She is producing some superb work, if a little disturbing…

Becca is continuing on with Life of Fred maths – she is on the last elementary book, after which I shall be deciding whether or not to continue or to move onto a British maths program:

We have already moved Abigail onto a British program, called MyMaths which she seems to be enjoying so far:

We did lots of Insects related science. Here the girls are creating their own insect. I do wonder if they will ever grow out of playing with Play Dough?

A cute photo of Becca making herself an iced coffee:

Whilst Abigail looks at all sorts of things under her microscope:

Charlotte was feeling pretty well at the beginning of the week and took her sisters on a couple of picnics. Becca is highly unimpressed to be putting sun screen on as it makes her hands itchy. But as I’ve had melanoma it is a must on sunny days:

Gary and I went and had our first vaccines on Monday. Neither of us felt terribly well the next day, but it’s done and dusted until the next one in three weeks time. We got a sticker! Although neither of us were sure why?

Abigail spent almost the entire day in the kitchen on Thursday making some cakes for her drama teacher to say thank you:

Meanwhile, Becca made a thank you card:

She made the icing and fondant from scratch:

This week, the girls have been learning about the first use of chemical weapons during the First World War. We made a very good (even if I do say so myself) gas mask from rubbish and some left over trouser material:

How cool is that?!

I’ll be doing a how to post, but to be honest, I think this was down more to good luck than to sheer skill! I was super pleased with how it came out but realised it could have gone either way!

I’m going to leave you with some pictures of my gorgeous daughter. Next week, Charlotte and I are going away for a couple of weeks together for some r and r. Even though Lillie would have loved to have come, she is staying behind to look after her sisters, homeschool them and help Gary feed everyone, in addition to finishing her university course. As a thank you, and in lieu of a holiday, Gary and I bought some special clothes just for her:

I am so proud of the young lady she is, always so caring and thoughtful towards everyone. Thank you baby! You look gorgeous!

Over the weekend, I am thinking about posting two Seasons of Joy posts – one about the garden and one about the kitchen. We’ll see.

Have a wonderful weekend, one and all!


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