Precious Moments

Precious Moments

We’ve had a lovely relaxing time over this half term week. The weather has been fabulous and we have managed to cook outside twice. It is pouring with rain right now though, so I’m glad we managed to enjoy the sun whilst it lasted.

Charlotte continues to do well. She and Ads went up to London for the day yesterday, and she managed really well. That said, Charlotte is still in bed fast asleep right now, and it’s gone eleven!

Thomas had his girlfriend stay with us until Monday, so there were nine of us and one bathroom…

Saturday night, Lillie’s best friend came over and we had a lovely barbecue:

We all love Hannah to bits and she just slots right in:

Abigail is always excited when she has the attention of any unsuspecting guest! Here she is showing a delighted (!) Anna all of her bone collection:

I love barbecues because it means I don’t have to cook!

Thomas loves them also because it means he gets a lot more meat than usual!

Gary’s patio has been getting lots of use:


Much dancing…and can I point out a Charlotte who hasn’t been able to dance for the last three years!

The boys refused to dance as they had the much more important job of eating:

We also spent time with the littles in the garden planting out all the vegetables:

Whilst Ads and Charlotte planned their day in London:

Lillie has spent every day at work. She is working at Gary’s club as a waitress full time over the summer. Gary is very well known and liked so she has received an enormous amount of support from the other staff and she is loving every minute of working there.

Ads is off to meet family he has not seen for over eight years next week, so I am going to attempt to keep Charlotte occupied enough that she doesn’t miss him too much. I am going to attempt to decorate her bedroom, and make it as relaxing as possible to be in. Although, to be honest, I don’t think there is such an urgency anymore because she is doing so well health wise.

Thomas has been applying to be in the reserve army. He has got through each stage and has the final stage coming up in a couple of weeks – the fitness stage. He has followed the training guide to a tee and should be 100% army fitness…the day before yesterday he ran for fifty minutes! I am blown away because I’m not sure I could run for fifty seconds! Next week, he is visiting the nearby army barracks to get a taste of what he will be doing as a member of the reserves. He is very excited 😄

It’s back to school next week and we will be trying to finish our insects curriculum and we will be learning about the ANZACS and the battle of Gallipoli in the First World War.

Tomorrow, I will be posting all about my gardening adventures, and then Seasons of Joy on Sunday. Enjoy!


  1. It sounds like everyone in your house had a wonderful week! Love seeing all the outdoor photos of everyone around the table and dancing… ah, the simple pleasures really are the best!

  2. Everything about this makes me smile! I am so happy that things are turning around for Charlotte. Truly an answer to prayer. Take care and enjoy your weekend. Hugs~

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