Precious Moments

Precious Moments

I’m afraid today’s post will not be very substantive. I have felt off kilter for the past week, with a tummy upset, sore throat and just feeling generally ill and really tired. I slept most of yesterday (which is very very unusual for me to sleep during the day) and feel like I am maybe coming out the other end. Maybe a virus? I don’t know. I have managed to school my girls in the mornings but have taken each afternoon off.

Soooo, each morning the girls have worked on their maths and English. We are using British text books now, and I hope to use an online school to teach Abigail both these subjects and Spanish from September. Becca will just continue slowly on until she reaches secondary school age and I will probably do the same with her.

I am taking this route because my younger girls learn in a very different way to my older ones. Abs is fiercely independent, well organised and loves to just get on with her work. In contrast, Becca loves nothing more than snuggling and being creative. So next year Abs will be working independently, starting her GCSEs and Becca and I will be exploring all of her creative ideas as well as making time for snuggles❤️.

Late morning, I have spent some time reading about spying in World War One. A very interesting subject, and one I shall write about next week, if I ever get myself organised! We have also managed to do some spy school activities throughout the week:

Most afternoons the girls have hung out with their sisters, or spent time with friends. So I guess it’s been quite an enjoyable week for them!

Lillie has been working alongside someone with Covid, so her whole team was sent home to self isolate for ten days. She was desolate! She LOVES her work, and has made some really lovely friends there. One made her up a playlist to listen to whilst she is at home and has promised to take her to the art galleries in London when she finishes the self isolation!

Speaking of London, Charlotte and Ads took a trip up to London, which they planned with military precision. Although Charlotte is doing so so well at the moment, there is always the threat of a possible crash round the corner. So she and Ads plan their dates and trips to make sure there are places to rest along the way. I had to laugh as one bookshop they planned to go to was in Soho. They believed it to be a normal bookshop, albeit in a dodgy notorious part of town. When they got there they found the bookshop to be a s*x shop! Needless to say, they didn’t go in!

No matter, they went to enough alternative bookshops that Charlotte came home with over 25 secondhand books, some written in Ancient Greek! My daughter is a constant source of amusement to me!

I spent the afternoons school planning and sleeping. I will be writing about our plans for Abigail perhaps next week. I think the next few years are going to be incredible for her 😄

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead. Xx


  1. I have been just fascinated to read some historical fiction novels about female spies during both World Wars this past year. What courage it took!

  2. That London trip for your girls sounds like it was filled with life experience. I hope you feel all better by now.
    Blessings, Dawn

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