Precious Moments

Precious Moments

Welcome back to my precious moments post! My children, who are now adults, were very sad when I stopped writing our family memories down each week. Looking back, I’m sad I didn’t too. The posts make me capture the many moments of beauty to be found in our day to day life.

Following are a collection of photos taken over the last few weeks. They are a promise to myself to continue to curate these posts…

This was Thomas just before he headed off to work for the army for six months. Becs struggled hugely when he moved out but she copes much better now, simply enjoying any time she gets to spend with her precious brother:

I made the most of Thomas actually being in the home and took another photo of him and Abigail 💕

I think I may have posted this photo before. This was taken on Lil and my visit to UAL (University of the Arts London). The photo includes Lillie’s lovely boyfriend who she met in America at the same camp for adults with learning difficulties that Gary and I met at. ❤️

This has to be one of my most favourite photos I have of my girls. This picture captures their beauty, their closeness and the incredible love which exists between them all:

This gorgeous photo which I am going to have printed out and hung on our living room wall – Granny and Thomas whilst we were over in Northern Ireland on holiday:

And a photo of daddy and his younger girls, on the same holiday. How old are our littles looking now? Not very little, right?!

And I couldn’t not include a photo of Ads and Charlotte who weren’t able to make the holiday due to end of year exams:

My lovely family 💕 💕 Welcome back to my Precious Moments posts!


    1. Thank you! I’m just so pleased I’m posting them again, otherwise they just get lost in my phone and never see the light of day 🙁

  1. All the loves here, Claire. Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos. Your littles aren’t little any more! I remember that Little House post; it doesn’t seem that long ago. I’m glad you are back to sharing your precious moments. Hope you are having a wonderful week. We are hot (107+F every day for now) and hotter! Take care and lots of hugs for many missed ones. ~Donna

    1. Hello my long lost friend!!! How wonderful to hear from you again! How are you? It’s been ages and ages! I often think of you and wonder how everyone is. Thank you so so much for popping by – it was SO lovely to see a message from you xxxx

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