Precious Moments in October

Precious Moments

I’m a bit disappointed by myself. October was not a good month for me remembering to take photos! It had such potential…the girls’ 21st birthday…half term…choir performance…and yet I was seriously useless. My menopause is menopausing at the moment and I am sleeping really badly. No sleep means my rather hapless brain is even more hapless than normal. I’m forcing myself to get up early again with the hope that this will kick start my sleep. Darn insomnia!

The first collage shows me walking with Harv, at the garden centre with my mum, and the girls doing each other’s nails. The photo of my younger daughters and I are to document the fact that all three of us went shopping in Tescos in our Christmas pyjamas! Did we get stared at? Oh yes! Did we care? Why, no, of course not!

precious moments October

The second collage contains the photos I took whilst we were doing girls’ club. Instead of going charity shopping, we hunkered down for a cosy afternoon of sleuthing. I can really recommend Cryptic Killers as a fun family activity for older children. It took us a good couple of hours but three out of five of us got the killer right:

precious moments October

See, a woeful collection of photographs. Sigh. I shall do better next month.


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