Precious Moments over the Past Month or so

I seem to be a bit behind on my blogging in general and my precious moments posts in particular.  That would have to be the fault of Shakespeare.  Yes, I know he’s dead, but seriously he is causing all sorts of lapses in my normal behaviour of late.  Only one more week and things will return to normal for a week before we make a start on a five week Shakespeare unit.  Fun times ahead!

Back to the here and now though.  I’m sitting here at almost midnight typing (very possibly nonsense), determined not to let yet another week past without recording our memories.  I’ll not be writing much on account of me already having sat at this computer for at least ten hours today, and also because I’m not entirely sure I’m going to be terribly coherent.  So this post will be somewhat of a photo diary.

First up is our monthly jaunt to the beach.  We still love going, even when it’s overcast:

Ribbet collagepm1

The children all took part in a choir performance based on ship shanties, which was a perfect end to our pirate and explorer studies.  L12 was sick on the night of the performance so wasn’t able to sing and B4 was in bed, but the other three had a whale of a time:

Ribbet collagepm2

My girls have been dying their hair all sorts of colours.  Having spend five pounds on blue hair dye they were very unimpressed how little hair it did.  So L12 got researching on youtube and found that she could dye her hair all sorts of colours just using tissue paper, water, foil and plastic wrap.  It didn’t show up hugely on the twins dark hair but my four and six year old have enjoyed looking like rainbows this week.  True to her nature, C12 ended up dying her face more than her hair and spent a day looking like she’d had a beetroot thrown in her face.  And I’m not even going to mention the state of their hands, or the stains on their clothes and my furniture.  Thankfully I was too busy with Shakespeare to notice too much of the chaos surrounding me, and the four girls had a blast!

Ribbet collagepm3

My littlelest two have been having lots of fun gardening together, dressing up together….

Ribbet collagepm4

And drawing together.  Yes, lots and lots of drawing:

Ribbet collagepm5

Last but not least, the only photo of my son doing some science about flying, more drawings from B4, flowers for mummy and A6’s favourite person in the world, Sarah:

Ribbet collagepm6

And my last couple are of my slightly psycho friend who I will be having the (dubious) pleasure of spending all summer with (along with ol’ Shakespeare and seven children).  I’m not certain I will come out of it as sane as I went in:

Ribbet collagepm7

Not quite just pictures then.  In fact, I had quite a lot to say……

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. I can just picture the chaos going on around you, while you sit absorbed in research on the computer – absolutely fantastic! Just for the record…I understand Kool-Aid makes for a pretty good hair dye too.

    1. We don’t have cool aid in this country? What is it exactly? I’m guessing it is a drink of some sort?? I’m thinking a drink with dyes strong enough to dye hair might not be something I would actually, y’know, drink! 😉

  2. I’m glad you decided to spend a little time to share photos of your week. Sounds like you have been extremely busy with Shakespeare. Looking forward to what is in store. Have a great weekend.:)

    1. We don’t have cool aid here in the UK (or if we do I’ve never heard of it) and I am not ready for my girls to bleach their hair!!

  3. Hilarious but fun!! My daughter got a hair dye kit, purple I think, and loved it! I say “why not!” I remember dying my hair ridiculous colors myself as a girl. Oh what memories. I also love the beach, no matter the weather. I really think there is a somber beauty when the sea rolls under clouds. We still sleep with windows open no matter what when at the beach. Yay for getting these memories recorded so that the kiddos can see all about it later!

    1. I’m the same re clothes and hair. So long as it’s modest anything goes and that includes hair the colour of the rainbow and some often ludicrous combinations of clothes! It’s the fun of growing up, isn’t it?

  4. Looks like a whole bunch of chaotic fun! I second the Koolaid hair dye. It does work on darker hair if you pick the right colors. It seems so foreign to me to habe a beach so close thst you can make monthly trips easily. Have another great week with Shakespeare 🙂

    1. I’m taking the next two weeks off before we start the Shakespeare summer. I have been working too hard and need time away from the screen! I intend to spend the week having lots of fun with my five babies.

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