Precious Time Alone

I’m sitting here with a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee, in complete peace and quiet. My husband is at work, my younger two are at a friend’s house for a sleepover and my older ones are still in bed.

Mum walks the dog at the weekend, and whilst I will be popping to the village shops for some fresh bread, I have not been for a walk today.

I have, however, been busily beavering away since the early hours. Devotions and filling in Noom goes without saying, but I’ve also got a few chores done.

The bathroom is now sparkly clean, the kitchen is getting there (!) and I’ve made some oat milk ready for breakfast later on.

It is a glorious day today, but at six this morning it was so, so misty. In fact, it was so thick it may have been fog (although I’m not really sure what the difference is – fog sounds like it would be thicker though!). Over the past couple of hours or so, it has lifted to reveal an ultra sunny warm day.

I even left open the kitchen door, which we’ve not been able to do for a while.

The sun called for some company, so obligingly I went outside to wander around our garden.


It looks so neglected. In fact, it is so bad I don’t even know where to start. There are so many jobs which need to be done, and probably needed to be done months ago. For example, the two apple trees should have been trimmed down, but I think that might have been an autumn job.

Oh dear.

I think the first thing to do is to get in a skip. We have so much rubbish (mainly wood) lying about, left over from old projects. It needs a good tidy up before we can even hope to do any proper actual gardening work.

My plan next week is use some of my lunch hour to get outside into the garden. It’s been neglected all winter and I’m itching to get back out. I’ve always been a bit of a fair weather gardener and I guess this year is no different.

The sun is out, and next week, Claire will be joining her!


  1. I need it to warm up just a bit more here so I can get out in the garden; I didn’t cut anything back at all this fall and some new stuff is trying to come up among all the dead stuff that I know I need to remove. I don’t enjoy working in the garden though so it’s something I have to talk myself into… much like working out I am always so happy when I finish and look back on it!

    1. Gary and I have decided to put Saturday mornings aside to garden with our two younger girls. They can earn a bit of money and he can tell me what to do! My biggest problem is not really knowing what to do or where to start. I can feel a bit overwhelmed but Gary’s a bit more in the know!

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