Progress in June

Firstly, I’m going to share my progress relating to the goals I set down for June. I wrote them down because Noom, the weightless program I am on, suggested it. Apparently, writing goals down makes it more likely you will meet them.

Well, let’s see if that’s true for me…


My goal for my weight was to lose another five pounds. My body hates me this month because, whilst I have lost four (so not too shabby) they are not a confident loss. For me, a confident loss is when the scales settle at or below a specific weight. Generally, I lose a pound and over the next few days the scales oscillate both up and down from the new weight.

This is fine, I know it’s going to be that way, so it doesn’t bother me too much. However, this month the pounds I have lost have been very unconfident ones, with my weight continuing to go up and down over weeks rather than days.

This month it feels as if it has been harder to lose the weight.

This could be for two reasons. The first is that I had a wedding to attend half way through and did not calorie count on that day. The second is that I have not been this weight for over ten years. These pounds I am losing now have been attached to my body for over a decade. Maybe old weight is harder to lose? I mean, I lost my holiday gain of 7Ib in just a couple of weeks…

This coming month I am going to make sure I am very careful about logging the calories of all my food and also make sure I am in a deficit each day.


I have done well with the gym. I am going between three and four times a week. I have been doing three sets of 12 reps on each machine and usually work out on a minimum of ten machines, depending on which are available when I go. I work out for about 40 minutes.

My goal last month was to reach the end of the month not so exhausted as I was last month. I think I have managed that. I am so tired at the end of each day that I am at least getting some sleep, which is helping.


I have smashed my activity goals. I go to the gym three of more times a week, I walk for 45 minutes at least five times a week and I regularly hit 15000 steps per day.

I have, however, failed in my yoga goals, which I anticipated. I think I may go to the gym every day but do yoga and stretching every other day. My body needs to stretch so I know it would be good for me.

Homemaking Goals

I did okay with this. Our bedroom is now fairly well organised and most of the walls are wiped down and windows cleaned. It is not perfect but it is good enough (I have really low standards!)

Writing Goals

I have written in my journal (here) most week days and have added lots of tidbits to my commonplace book. I did not, however, work very much on my book. I very much run out of steam at the time I have my book writing scheduled (afternoon) so I may have to rethink that!

I write at least three cards to people throughout the week and am fairly good at sending them too 😊

Did Writing Down my Goals Help?

No, is the short answer. I actually don’t like working to a goal, instead I find them pressured and unmotivating. I am not and never have been a goal-orientated girl. Instead, I think I am much more motivated by success. For me, success begets success.

I won’t be writing down my goals for July. I will however, open up a drafts post and every so often write down my achievements. I will then post that at the end of the month.

I do this on a daily basis with my diary. I don’t write what I want to achieve, I write what I have achieved, which seems to motivate me to do even more.

Sorry Noom, setting goals and writing them down is just not for me!

I prefer holding my goals in my head and working towards them that way, writing down each one as I complete them.

Whatever works…am I right?

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  1. I find writing down my goals has never really helped me either… I don’t think I’m all that goal oriented.

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