Reading, Watching and Listening this Week

reading, watching, listening

Well, I’ve begun my master’s and homeschooling in earnest over the last couple of weeks. This means there is less time for reading, listening and watching! That said, I am doing some, I’m just not sure they would be of any interest to you my lovely readers 💕

A lot of my reading is now master’s based but, because my master’s is on children and youth studies, my reading list might be of interest to some…


I have been focussing my reading this week on the idea of neuroparenting. Neuroparenting is a rather covert government initiative in the UK which is seeking to claim that all parents need parenting lessons to help them manage the rhetoric which states that ‘the first years last forever’. This ultimately leads to all the blame for society ills being placed firmly on the parents, and especially the mother’s, shoulders. Rather dangerously, politicians utilise the vernacular of research projects they have neither read nor understood and then claim the most outrageous things. Unfortunately, many people do not fact check positions and end up feeling pressured to parent in a certain way, according to science often dreamt up by companies employed by the government to coerce and manipulate societal views. It is FASCINATING and a little scary. My main text of reading is the full research carried out by Jan Macvarish found in the book Neuroparenting: The Expert Invasion of Family Life along with a few academic papers she wrote on the same subject with two other social scientists.

An unusual thing that I’ve been reading this month is a magazine called Landscape. I used to get it delivered and then it stopped so I thought they’d gone out of business. I was very excited when I saw it in Marks and Sparks:

This is ridiculously expensive at over £5 but it will last me all month because I really don’t have much spare time to read in right now! It is wonderful though to curl up in a cosy blanket, with a steaming mug of tea, and relax whilst reading a very aesthetic magazine.


I’ve been listening to some corkers this week. I’ve finished Autumn Chills by Agatha Christie and am halfway through Halloween Party by the same author. I do love an Agatha Christie over autumn/winter. However, my favourite book by far this week has been The Complete Guide to Therapeutic Parenting by Jane Mitchell and Sarah Naish. Oh my goodness! If I ever do foster or adopt I will be so incredibly grateful to have read this book. It has opened my eyes and made me laugh and cry in equal measure. I love learning and this book contained so many parenting treasures. I shall be re-listening to it next week – it was that good!


Again, I’ve watched less stuff than usual this week due to a heavier workload generally. We do now have a TV license which means we can now watch live TV. This is kinda nice because I am able to watch Strictly Come Dancing and The Great British Bake Off as they come on TV.

I have also found an interesting YouTube channel about making money with no/low content books on KDP. It’s called Sparrow’s End Business Diaries. This is particularly useful to me because it is a lady in the UK giving UK info.

What have you been watching, reading and listening to this week?

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