Reading, Watching and Listening this Weekend


This week I have been reading my daughter’s book Icarus Falls and my essential reading for my master’s degree, Critical Practice with Children and Young People. I’ve read half of Icarus Falls already but then my copy suddenly disappeared! I’ve just got it back, so I’ve been finishing it up. The text book is helping me get back into the mindset of academia. Whilst not as easy to read as my usual books, it is interesting and is getting me excited about studying again!


Gary and I have been enjoying Annika, a police drama set in the Scottish Islands. It has been nice to have something to relax to. It’s been a highly social week, much more so than usual, so having something to chill out to has been wonderful.

I’ve also been enjoying a new to me YouTube channel, Kelsey Rodriguez. She’s a self taught artist trying to become a full-time self-supporting artist. I’ve enjoyed looking back over her old videos and seeing how far she has come.


*Vague spoiler alert!*

I’ve been finishing off A Little Life by Hanya Yanagih. Oh my goodness! This book was excruciating. Excruciatingly sad and at times excruciatingly long. This is a very well written book, but I like happy endings and this was anything but. This definitely impacted my enjoyment of it. I realise that life does not always have a happy ending but it was difficult to read about a lifetime of sadness ending in the same way.

I’ve also listened to The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy. This was surprisingly good considering it’s contents were basically the thoughts and pondering of a dying man.

What have you been reading, watching and listening to this week? I’m adding all of your recommendations of books to my audibles wish list…

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