Charlotte, after an afternoon at the swimming pool with her friends, wearing exactly the same swimming costume as her twin sister:

‘We were admiring our swimming costumes in the mirror before we went in, and, oh my goodness Mummy, we looked so alike no-one could have told us apart…..’

Paused for a thoughtful second:

‘It’s a good job I know I’m Charlotte, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to tell us apart!


  1. Time to consider a career in stand up comedie for her LOL On the other hand, it proofs that you did a great job raising them with their own personalities in mind, even if they are twins. So kudos to you 😉

  2. I’ve often wondered how twins feel about each other – do twin babies, before they’ve fully worked out the whole individual identity thing, see themselves as one or two?

    My mum is a twin (so is her sister… sorry, my favourite terrible joke) and it’s not impossible they were mixed up some time between birth and baptism, so my mum might or might not actually be the older twin. Not sure. I love that idea – is my aunt really my mum?!

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