Resources for studying the Ancient Romans

Resources studying ancient romans

We have just started studying the Ancient Romans, which we have never done in our homeschool in any depth before. The last time was when I was pregnant with Becca and on bedrest. I couldn’t be as involved as I wanted so I just set the children work everyday. This time we are going to have FUN together! It’s just going to last over July and I have loads of activities planned and three helpers in Charlotte, Ads and Josh. Without further ado, here are the resources we are using for studying the Ancient Romans.

Morning Meeting Book Basket

These are the books I will be reading out each morning. This is the girls’ favourite time of homeschool, so I wanted to make it interesting. But I also wanted to use this time to read particular books I know they wouldn’t read themselves. The brown book and the town book are two examples of this. However, they are so rich in information and so worth the read. Spend a Day in Ancient Rome and Classical Kids are my two core books for activities. The former is a useful story book intertwined with related activities. The later is simply activities which I will use as add-ons.

Resources Ancient Roman unit study

Resources for studying the Ancient Romans: Information Books

The following books will be read alongside any activities we do. For example, I have a ‘build a Roman villa’ model which we will build and concurrently I will read Roman Villa to consolidate their learning.

The following books will be extra reading for the girls each day. These are just information book to be picked up and put down at will! We may do the History Detective book together because I remember the fun we had with its Egyptian equivalent.


Of course, included in my resources for our Ancient Roman unit study were many Pompeii-related books! The girls are fascinated by the story of Pompeii, so I can see us spending a bit of time on this.

Resources Ancient Roman unit study

Resources for studying the Ancient Romans: Reading Books

I will be running a reading challenge over the next four weeks. Over the years we have amassed quite a collection (thank you Charlotte!). The girls will make their way through the ones which appeal. Becca is not a reader at all. Abigail has become an avid reader in the last couple of years. I’m hoping these books may encourage Becs…

Resources Ancient Roman unit study

These are various reading books which also contain lots of pictures, which I know will appeal more to Becca. Lively’s book based on the Aeneid I will likely read outlaid to them in the morning. We have just finished learning about the Trojan War through the Illiad, so this is perfect timing!

Resources Ancient Roman unit study

Resources for studying the Ancient Romans: Activities

Lots of fun activities here! We will be building a Roman Villa, a model of the Colosseum, creating some mosaics and playing a couple of Roman games.

Resources Ancient Roman unit study

I have also bought in resources to make some Roman chariots, create some plaster cast Roman masks, make Roman jewellery. We will also be trying our hand at making some Ancient Roman costumes and lots more!

I’ll be posting a coupe of times each week on our Ancient Roman adventures. We’d love to have you follow along!

If you’d like to look at more of our history studies, do click on my history page button below. For all other subject, click on the lessons page button below:

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  1. That sounds like such a fun unit! Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece were some of kids’ favorite time periods to learn about so we spent a long time exploring.

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