Review: My Little House Craft Book

This is a fairly thin book full to the brim of 18 activities taken straight from the Little House Books.  The projects range from making a broom, to building a garden to sewing a patch work, and would suit a wide range of both ages and abilities.  There really is something for everyone.  So far we are finding activities for my 2 and 4-year-old as well as for my 10 and 11-year-old.  The instructions, which include a list of needed materials, are clear and the illustrations, as you would expect, are very attractive.  Most of the projects require materials which are readily accessible, adding to the ease with which this book is able to be used.  There are quotes from the original text about each activity which is a nice touch.DSC_0442

The photo above shows the instructions for making a button string which A4 made in her first week.

Do I think this is a worthwhile book to have?  Yes, I would say it was well worth the money we spent on it.  Whilst you could probably find similar projects to do after trawling the internet for ideas, there is something to said for having everything in one book, especially a book which has been written in such close conjunction with the Little House books themselves.  You can almost feel Laura working alongside you!

L10 has her post up on their blog about making Soda biscuits, whilst A4 has her post up about making hay sticks with her Daddy


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