Review: The Little House Cook Book

This is such a great book, with over 230 pages.  Not only is it full of tasty recipes but also full to the brim of information about Laura’s times.  In fact the first chapter is entirely devoted to the foods found during the years that the Little House books were set in.  Likewise the second chapter introduces it’s readers to the kitchens and utensils of the 1800’s.  The rest of the book contains the recipes of Mrs Ingalls.

Our copy has become rather dog-eared over the past few weeks.  That tells you pretty much all you need to know!  It is a huge hit with my two older girls who pour over it, carefully planning their next culinary delight.  This is indeed a cookery book but it might be more accurately described as a cook’s book because it contains so much more than mere recipes.  There are quotes galore from Laura Ingall’s original Little House series (ensuring the authenticity of each recipe), as well as lots of historical tidbits to whet not only your gastric appetite but also your educational one, leaving you wanting a little bit more.  This has led to us all looking up various websites to find answers to the inevitable questions that come up.  This is a jewel of a book and every recipe has turned out well, even though we are using ingredients which are unfamiliar here in the UK, such as corn meal.

As far as our study has gone, this book has proved invaluable and we would not be having nearly as much fun without it.  Of all my reviews so far, this would probably be the book I would recommend buying if you had limited resources.


  1. I will have to get this to put in my cookbook collection! Also, is there a way to PM you? I could send you some of the frontier stories that my Grandmother told me-Then if you want to use them you can-I am from Texas and mine are more “Southwestern” cowboys and Indians-I am not sure they would line up with “Little House On the Prarie” but, you could decide. Thanks, Tonyia

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