Roots to Ground Us and Wings to Help Us Fly {Chapter 8}

Life comes and goes and ebbs and flows and nothing changes between us.

My twin and I were born to our best friend.

The three musketeers.

No one can hurt us when we are together.

Sixteen slides by, falling apart and then back together again as we experience life at its finest

and at its worst.

I start school.

My twin feels lost and messages me all day.

I make new friends and experience teenagers all in one go.

I meet my soulmate.

Even though I don’t that yet.

I carry huge folders and notebooks and books and a hundred stories to tell everyone when I get home.

I describe my teachers and the subjects,

and the other two musketeers get on their high horses with me when one teacher starts to be a bit too much for me.

I go on my first date and it’s my mum and my twin who stay up late with me afterwards and holding my hands while I’m shaking.

But it doesn’t stop.

And I cry and ask why I had to grow up?

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