Seasons of Joy

Sometimes, my soul longs for quiet. It longs for aloneness and solitude. I think it is a need, much as breathing in the air. Just a few hours to spend doing, well nothing much. It can be as simple as being in the kitchen, alone. Maybe some soft worship music playing in the background. But often just silence, for my thoughts to tumble around with blessed freedom.

Mundane tasks to bless the family: the rhythmic chopping of a myriad of colourful fruit; the gentle stirring of a waffle batter and the sizzle as it hits the steaming iron. Wafting scents, delicious and promising of goodness to come.

I love the Peace which comes from being in the kitchen. It is a place of nurture. Perhaps it is natural that it is here I choose when my soul needs quietening. A gentle breeze through an open door, the sun streaming through the glass windows, the smell of warming waffles in the oven and coffee brewing on the stove. It is familiar.

I search for other small projects I could make a start on as I wait for the mountains of waffles I have yet to cook. Maybe a quick wipe down of a shelf, reorganising as I go. Or some relabelling of jars which are looking a bit shabby.

Or even trimming some roses to bring them back their former glory, all the while making plans to hang them upside down over the next few days to dry and preserve their beauty.

Soon we will be sat, all eight of us, around our table. Everyone will be chattering and joking and exclaiming. Fruit will be spooned atop steaming waffles, with generous amounts of natural yogurt and maple syrup. And all will not be quiet. Or Peaceful.

But just like I wouldn’t change the gift of a couple of hours spent alone, daydreaming in my kitchen, nor will I turn down another, perhaps greater, gift of those I am blessed to call my family.

As God says in His word…there is indeed a time for everything under the sun.


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