Seasons of Joy

Sometimes I have such a lovely week that I just sit in the quiet of my room and I thank God for all He has given me. This week has been like that. I have thoroughly enjoyed alternating home making tasks with watching short videos on YouTube.

One such home making task was to try to increase the lighting in our very old kitchen. We have a corner where there is literally no light. In the summer, it is not too much of a problem because it is near the window. But in the winter, it is a very dark corner. Whilst I was reading one of my Country Living magazines, I saw someone used a similar light as a living room lamp. I had bought the light below as a vintage desk lamp, but it hadn’t occurred to me to use it anywhere else in the house. I love how it looks though:

Each week I fill up my washing up bottles from the 15 litre boxes:

I buy the larger packs to lower my production of plastic waste, plus it costs less to do it this way. I do the same for laundry liquid and general cleaner:

I have been scrap booking again!

Lillie has begun to make me some dish cloths. I learnt how to crochet, but when you get to my age, you have to be doing the skill regularly if you are to remember how. I’ve forgotten. But watching Lil, I think it would be quite easy to relearn. I want to make a heap of cloths so I can use, wash and still have enough to last whilst the others are waiting to be washed:

I will be looking out for a small basket to pop them in, which I will keep in the kitchen. Charlotte and I (and Lillie when she is not working) plan to go to the nearby historic town each Thursday. We may stop off at the vineyard for a coffee before parking in town and wandering round the charity shops there. It will be something we will look forward to each week, whilst their younger sisters are meeting up with their new homeschool group.

We are back at school this week so should have some homeschool related posts coming up soon. Have a great week all!

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  1. I love homemade washcloths like those but don’t have the skills to make them either. Knitting and crocheting are two skills I have never been able to pick up.

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