Seasons of Joy

Seasons of Joy

It’s February. Well, actually, strictly speaking it is not February. But my body clock and everything I am feeling tells me that it is in fact February. I hate February. For some reason, which I still don’t really understand, I feel rubbish at this time of year. It all feels so hard, like I am walking through treacle.

God knows this and sent snow. A soft, pure blanket of noise defying snow. Snow which smells so pure. Snow which sounds so silent. Snow which feels so cold. Snow which looks so brand spanking new. Snow which felt like a hug from God. For my children it felt like a very special gift from God, reminding them that there is more to life than the Covid lined world they have lived within the confines of this last year. It brought with it giggles, childish squeals, snow ball fights and an inexplicable joy.

I stood outside my kitchen door, my face upturned towards the falling snow, breathing in its smell and engulfing myself in its beauty. The world around me was silent, so silent. Quieter than I could ever remember it being.

I needed this. We needed this. A little reminder of the beauty just round the corner.

It has got me thinking. How can I make the following month a little more filled with warmth, comfort and charm? How can I look after my family, nurture them and help them see the loveliness that is so difficult to find right now? How can I add just a little bit more joy to each day over the next four weeks?

I hereby pledge to love my family just a little bit more this February.

I pledge to make my home just a little bit more welcoming this February.

And I pledge to ring every bit of joy out of each February day.

Each February day I will sew a seed of beauty.

This year, February is going to be a different February to normal.

This year, February is going to be smiley!


  1. Thinking of you this month, Claire. I hope it is going well for you. We’ve had beautiful weather so far, and that makes the days lovely, but winter returns next week with some very cold early mornings and maybe snow on Thursday. Such an odd winter for sure. Hugs and smiles sent to you today!

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