Sew Simple: How to Make a Simple Sewing Kit for Children


I have designed a very simple sewing course for my little ones, and thought I would share it 🙂   Each week I will be teaching specific sewing skills to my girls who will then make something useful or beautiful using those particular skills.  Each skill will build upon the ones previously learnt.

Last week I created a simple sewing kit, which contained everything required for the first week of lessons.  This sewing kit will be added to each week, containing all they need for that week’s sewing lessons, so that the girls will have an inexpensive treat to look forward to each Monday.

How to Make a Sew Simple Kit

I collected the following from around the house:

  • A preserving jar
  • A couple of blunt knitting needles with a large eye
  • A skein of embroidery thread
  • Some pretty material
  • A small amount of stuffing
  • Some pins
  • Small pair of safety scissors

Cut out a large circle from your material:


Place the stuffing in the middle of the material and place the lid circle on top of it.  Pull the material around the stuffing and the lid circle and pop through the screw part of the lid and pull so that the stuffed side is on the outside:


Tack ends of material together on the underside until secure:


Push some brightly coloured pins into the pin cushion.  Gather together this week’s supplies:


Using the left over material, cut into a square slightly longer than the longest needle.  Fold in half, inside out, and stitch around two of the edges.  Turn right side in, stuff with a small amount of stuffing, flatten and sew neatly around the remaining edge.  Create needle holders by doing a few stitches in the same place:


Add some Binca material, tying prettily with some left over scraps of the material:


Pretty, no?


Then surprise daughter with her treasure, and bask in her unrestrained glee:


She was just a little bit happy 😉

During week one my girls learnt the following:

  • How to thread a needle
  • How to tie the thread on the needle
  • How to sew a simple straight stitch

And created some beautiful Christmas presents for their older siblings.  I’ll be posting about this next week.


  1. We must be on the same “handiwork” thoughts! I just bought my girls some hand embroidery but I am “SEW” going to copy this 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m putting together a sewing box for Princess for her 10th birthday in a few months. I’ve got quite a stash for her.

    Over here in the states that fabric is for cross-stitching or embroidery work. Though I think it’s primarily cross-stitching. Though cross-stitching is the bane of my existence as I always lose count on my stitches.

  3. Our youngest daughter would love this, as she doesn’t have her own sewing kit yet. Thank you for the idea!

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