Sewing a Drawstring Bag

Sewing a Drawstring bag

Sewing a drawstring bag is easy peasy and a perfect first project to work on the sewing machine. I chose felt for Becca to work with because it is a non fraying material meaning Becca wouldn’t have to neaten any seams.

Sewing a Drawstring Bag: Reading and Practicing

We are using ‘My First Sewing Machine’ by Alison McNicol which is proving to be very simple and very clear. Becca is reading each and every page! Today she read all about the correct things to have in her sewing kit:

And read all about doing the straight stitch on a sewing machine; sewing an encasing; sewing around an edge and threading a string through the encasing. The book has these brilliant pages for the student to sew on to learn the requisite skills needed to go onto the next project. I photocopied these pages and Becca got to practicing. She was a natural…

Sewing a Drawstring Bag

Finally she was ready to begin sewing a drawstring bag. She cut out a rectangle from felt. She pinned the casing and sewed straight over the pins. I do sometimes get her to tack before sewing on the machine, but felt is a particularly easy material to work with so I didn’t feel it was necessary. Next she sewed the seams, using the skills she’d learnt on the paper to sew around the corners. Becs then threaded the string through the casing and proudly showed all her siblings her hard work:

This was Becca’s first ever project sewed on the sewing machine. She was so pleased with it. It matched both her pin cushion and needle book. Concurrently, she has been hand sewing a Flower Fairy quilt, which I will post about next week:

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