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Sewing a Hanging Hearts

After a few weeks away from a sewing machine, Becca has loved getting back to her needlework creations. This week she has been sewing a hanging heart. One of her Christmas presents was a stack of material squares. I thought these would be useful to create simple projects. She also got a small iron, ironing pad and cutting tool. Being a very sensible and careful seamstress, I knew she’d be okay with such a sharp tool.

Sewing a Hanging Heart: Creating a Heart Stencil

In order sew a hanging heart, Becs needed to create a stencil. Hearts are pretty simple, so she made her own on Publisher. The stencil was large enough to sew easily but small enough that two hearts could be cut from each square of material.

Next, she chose the material to use. She went with two contrasting but complementary materials and in preparation she ironed them:

Becs then transferred the pattern to the material and cut it out using her new tool. Bless her heart, she was so careful and worried that she’d cut herself. But she did a great job, as I knew she would:

Sewing the Hanging Heart: Stitching, Stuffing and Sewing the Ribbon

Sewing these hearts used all the skills she had learnt previously. She didn’t need to tack them as ironed cotton is not slippery and tends to stay where you put it. Leaving a hole down the side open, she carefully sewed around the heart, leaving about a centimetre edge. Next, she stuffed it with cotton batting left over from her quilt (she pulled it apart until it was in small fluffy pieces), before stitching the sides with tiny stitches to complete the heart.

Lastly, she chose a complementary ribbon and button and hand sewed it on:

I love it and think she did a great job, especially as she hasn’t been near a machine for a few weeks (her last machine died a death):

Sewing a Hanging Heart

I have promised her that, Covid allowing, we will go to the lavender fields and pick some lavender to place into the hearts. Becca would love to start a small business making scented hearts.

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    1. If we go, I will send you some lavender (in fact, I’ll get Becs to make you some hanging hearts with dried Lavender in, if you’d like that?)

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