A Simulation of Working in Zero-Gravity

Working in Zero Gravity

Working in Zero Gravity

This post explores what it might be like Working in Zero-Gravity conditions.

Introduction to Working in Zero-Gravity

On earth we are used to working with a gravitational force which keeps us centred and steady.  It also makes for fairly predictable results when carrying out every day activities.  Up in space is a different matter all together because there is no gravity.  Working in Zero-Gravity means that astronauts do not have anything to push against.  For example, if an astronaut pushes on something (a handle or a door).  Instead of the push yielding predictable results (the handle moves down, the door opens), the astronaut finds himself floating upwards in the opposite direction!  And a space suits exacerbates this situation.  The astronaut needs to work with bulky material covering his whole body, making simple tasks harder than on earth.

Working in Zero-Gravity

The following activity demonstrates what it might be like inside a spacesuit Working in Zero-Gravity.

Gather together some lidded test-tubes (or small jars – baby food jars would work) and a pair of washing up gloves.  Fill a fish tank (or similar) with water:

Working in Zero-Gravity

First try screwing on and off the lids as normal.  Then try again with the washing up gloves on.  This simulates the difficulty of working with a spacesuit on.  Next try to screw and unscrew the lids underneath the water.  This is much harder and simulates what it might be like to work in a spacesuit outside a spacecraft in zero-gravity:

Working in Zero-Gravity

You can make this activity even harder by using nuts and bolts, or syringes from medicine bottles (fill syringe)

We have been using Apologia: Astronomy for our main text for our unit study.  For more space and astronomy related posts click on the pictures below.  I will be adding to these as and when I can:


  1. What a fun activity idea! We have been reading book on space travel and I want to take the boys to see the new First Man movie one day soon. This would tie in nicely with that! Pinned.

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