Skin Care When You’re Allergic to Everything

Apart from the fact that I’ve never been that interested in anything beauty related, I also have the added problem of finding products which don’t make my skin itch and my eyes produce streaming tears for hours after application.

Horrible but true.

I can’t say I’ve tried lots and lots of products, and certainly not the expensive ones, but I have tried a few low-allergy ones.

Except they are not low allergy for me.

When I was making my mum some homemade presents for her birthday (some hand cream and lip balm), I had some lip balm over. I tried it and not only was I not allergic to it, the actual balm felt wonderful on my lips and really absorbed right it, softening them and making them look just lovely.

Up until then I had used plain old petroleum jelly (Vaseline). The fact it is a by product of petrol should have alerted me to the fact that it is unlikely to be doing anything good, but, as I say, I wasn’t allergic to it so used it.

Never again! It’s coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils and vitamin E oil from here on out. Gorgeous!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any hand cream left over so never got to try that, but as it was made out of pretty much the same ingredients, I’m thinking that would be fine too.

But that got me thinking. Vitamin E oil is meant to be extremely good for the skin. I wondered if I might be able to use it, on its own, as a skin moisturiser for my own super, super sensitive skin.

So I tried it. Tentatively, because honestly, weeping for the rest of the day is not a good look. I avoided going anywhere near my eyes.

It felt incredible on my skin and was absorbed immediately.

Next day, I tried it near my eyes. Again, no reaction.

Then, I tried it over my eyes.

I could not believe it! Literally, there was nothing. No tingling, no desperate need to remove it from my skin, no irritation, itching or redness…and best of all absolutely no leaking from my eyes!

This was incredible!

So, every morning, I have been incredibly blessed by Abigail, who now spends 10 minutes each day giving me a face massage and massaging in the vitamin E oil (bliss!!).

So I get a massage and a product that doesn’t make my eyes stream! Blessed or what?!

Do you have sensitive skin? What products work well on your skin?


  1. Oh that does sound wonderful! I have mild skin allergies and will break out in hives/ rashes depending on what I use but most things with vitamin E and coconut oil are just fine for me– in fact I used straight coconut oil on my skin right after showering for nearly a year (and I’m not sure how/what I got out of that habit!).

    1. I like the idea of using just coconut oil after a bath. Does it soak in well? I don’t like the idea of having oily skin but I think I probably need something moisturising as I’m getting older. I think I might try this! Thanks Joanne – great idea!

  2. It’s great when you find a product you like and which does the job. I use Glossier products. They are gentle, vegan and work well on my skin. They don’t have a huge range, but I like what they do have. The only drawback is that they are expensive. I don’t wear makeup or anything else, so I feel it is an extravagance worth having.

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