Spring Precious Moments {14-/04/2018 – 20/04/2018}

This has been such a lovely week.  We have somehow found balance again, which is so important for the relaxed homeschool I always hope to create.  There is a good mixture of jolly hard work, siblings spending lots of time together helping and playing together, as well as lots of time spent with friends and on fun pursuits.  I’ve been snapping away at random bits and pieces of our life this week…….

Charlotte making smoothies:

Thomas marking his own practice maths exams:

Morning meeting:

Playing silly writing games:

Writing with feather pens invitations for friends:

Revising law GCSE:

Fun nature finds:

Playing a Cyprus Easter Egg game:

We all had a dyed hard boiled, and had to take it in turns to hit the person’s egg next to us going round in a circle.  Apparently one egg will always remain whole.  We could believe this so we all used great gusto when smashing the eggs together:

But it did in deed work.  Mine remained unbroken no matter how many times I smashed it against the others’ eggs:

Lil is starting to get back into all aspects of art again, after we gave her a prolonged break from everything. She had been so stressed out by the photography diploma, she just needed some down time.  She has started jewellery making again, and art, which whilst she has felt frustrated at her attempts, is coming along nicely:

She feels she has lost a lot of the skills she had built up in art whilst concentrating all her efforts on the photography.  We are hoping for a much better balance from now on.

I shall end with a cute little note and a daisy chain made by my littlest two.  Happy sigh.  I do love being a mummy!

I am so very blessed 🙂


  1. So precious and beautiful as always – home is where the heart is, but where it beats with Gods and a mother’s love, with Dad holding all the hearts in his hand xx

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