Studio Vlog #01

Art Studio Vlog

Welcome to my first ever studio vlog! I am not a natural at this whole YouTube thing. I mean, I hate showing my face, even on a photo. On video is even more scary. So, I’m taking my time face-wise on these videos. Aside from the face thing, I really, really enjoy the whole process of filming, editing and putting together footage. Do I think I’m any good yet? That would be a resounding no. But I do think I’m getting better. Obviously, when you start ground up the only place to go is, well, up.

I have learnt to make an intro and outro, and even an in-the-middle-tro. In addition, I am scripting most of my videos for now. I guess this is outside my comfort zone enough that I feel challenged, but not so much that I want to run and hide. I’ve also learnt how to put music to my videos, which I intend to use extensively with these studio vlogs.

Most of my videos are going to be short for now, but the studio vlog will be a bit longer. They will also not include much talking. My goal is to create some relaxing videos which show a little bit of the day to day running of a small business…a video one can play in the background whilst doing something else. Really, the kind of video I love to watch.

So, What Will My Studio Vlog Contain?

I will be recording these over the month and posting as a collective vlog once a month. There will be shots of me making products, opening products which I’ve had others make, creating designs and all sorts of small business planning and execution. I’d also like to video me packing up specific orders so you can get to see your order being packed!

I will also be ordering products from other UK based small businesses and opening them on screen. I’d like to support other small businesses within this niche and give them a shout out on both my YouTube channel and my blog. If you’d like me to order from you do get in contact, I’d love to support you!

For now, though, here is my first studio vlog. I hope you enjoy it. Please do like and subscribe if you’d like to see more:

I’m hoping these vlogs will develop and I’ll add new things as I go further on this small business journey. Oh, and as my studio vlogs will only be going out once a month and I want to be posting on my channel weekly, look out for shorter videos. Perhaps I will do a sketch book tour, or how I organise certain aspects of this new business. Next week, I will be doing a teeny tiny art studio tour.

I will be adding these to my art studio page.

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