Summer Shakespeare Club: Making Club T-Shirts


So, my initial email went something like this:

What do you think about letting the guys choose a design to transfer (iron on) onto a white t shirts so they have Shakespeare club t shirts? You and I could have one as well??

To which Lorna replied:

One of the days we do is about human trafficking and we create our own T-shirts by cutting out a template and then spraying it with paint I attach a photo to explain myself better. This could be a quick and easy/option?

Then I tried to explain that my idea of a transfer was simple also…in Shakespeare speak.

Thine art ’tis fairly ranked! Nay, ’tis a great beauty mine eyes do behold!
Mine cloth ’tis as simple as poor Bottom and as fair as thine!
Thine image chosen from the fairest of fair, wilst be transferred from mine own printer upon thine paper, and then, henceforth, it shall be thus transferred once more upon thine cloth!
What say you, fair Lorna?

Translated (although I didn’t include the translation in my email):

Your idea is fab, and it looks great as well!  But my idea is just as simple!  You choose an image, which we then print onto transfer paper off my printer, and then simply iron onto the t-shirt!  What do you think?

And her reply?

Oh my thunderous cheesecakes you have totally lost your marbles. What have I let myself in for??
Andrew wants to design a T-shirt for B with a skull and something along the lines of “alas poor Yorick…”

Further emails revealed somewhat of a confusion.  Somehow, out of my (extraordinarily) clear Shakespearean email, Lorna believed I was asking her to photocopy her rear end and transfer it onto the t-shirts…..

I’ll say no more.

I did eventually get a straight answer, and proceeded to make some club T-shirts for us all.  The children all agreed on a similar design to the one we had on our banners:


And I got photo copying and ironing:


Lorna got bigger sizes for us to wear over our clothes, which I hoped would reduce the washing of them, my children being typical teens….


Fun, fun, fun, here we come!


  1. Can I ask where you got the transfer paper from, please? Your t shirts are brilliant and I’d love to do the same.

    1. Thanks Donna. I wasn’t sure if I was going a bit over board, but it has been a really nice way of formalising the Shakespeare club!

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