Table Talk with the Angelicscalliwags…..

It started innocently enough, as Charlotte began sharing about the latest book she is writing, a fun fantasy fiction ….

Charlotte: I was writing in my book today about a girl who turned into a tree and I said she was rooted to the spot and branching out.

Gary (Groaning): I pine for this day to be over!

Charlotte (giggling): Leaf me alone!

Me: Suddenly bursting into laughter, having understood Gary’s pun

Gary: You should respect your elders!

Me: Sputtering water at everyone

Charlotte (giggling hysterically): You must be barking mad!

Thomas: Cedar parents?  They are in charge!

Charlotte: Oak kay then!

Everyone doubled over, barely able to talk…

I frantically write it all down, knowing this would go down in posterity as one of the most hilarious conversations we have ever had.  Lillie starts to read it out, and struggles midway through to read the writing

Thomas: Is it a bit too fir to see..?

Gary: You need to spruce that up!

Lillie (sitting back):  I’m trying to think of tree names….

Charlotte: Wooden you like to know?

Gary (pan faced and in a very Irish accent):  Harry, George, Elizabeth…there, tree names!

Charlotte: Willow you stop it!

Gary (remember he’s a green keeper and knows all the Latin names of everything): Betula all be looking for me later…

Me: Eh?! (turns out Betula is a birch)

Charlotte (looks at Gary with a grin as wide as a Cheshire cat): It’s days like this you really appreciate me.  I’m the apple of your eye!

Gary: Cherry good!

Charlotte (straight face): You’re like a thorn in my side!

Gary: Fine, I’ll just pack a trunk and go then!

Me (holding up my hand): Talk to the palm!

Lillie: We’ll have to do this for family games night – take a pun as far as it will go

Thomas (growning groaning loudly)

Charlotte (mischief in her eyes): Careful Thomas, or we’ll take you off our family tree

Thomas: I’m sycamore of your jokes!

Charlotte (nearly falling off her chair): You are sowing the seed of resentment!

Thomas: Ivy had enough!

Abigail (desperately wanting to join in): Please bay you stop it!

Thomas: Hebe alone!

Becca (not fully understanding what is going on but eager to contribute): We are all connected by the roots of life….

Charlotte (always one to have the last word): I think it’s time to log off!

Oh my!  How we all weren’t sick I’ll never know!  I have the funniest family alive 🙂




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