That’s My Girl!


Song comes onto the radio…

Charlotte, squealing: Oh, this is my boyfriend’s and my song!

Me, at the computer,looking up in surprise shock: Eh?!

Thomas:  What’s it called?

Me, almost apoplectic, trying to get myself together to exclaim ‘what boyfriend?!’

The tune begins.  I relax and giggle…

Charlotte, with an obvious smile in her voice: Haven’t Met You Yet!

Everybody: Laughs

That twin of mine!


  1. OMGSH everyone is Soo big now! I cannot believe you’re still blogging after all this time. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration over the years. You poured so much joy and support into my parenting and I could not thank you enough for sharing so much of your journey with us xox From long time Canadian reader Jeanine

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