The ABC Bunny {Book Unit}

The ABC Bunny

As you know, I want to be more  purposeful about the fun school I do with the two little girls.  To this end I’ve created a Preschool Adventure Box and a written frame-work with which to organise my planning of the short units I do with them.  Each week the two youngest are given a preschool adventure work box full of lots of exciting activities for them to do throughout the week. This week we have been focusing on The ABC Bunny, a lyrical poem written by Wanda Gag, based on the alphabet, about a bunny who is scared away from his nest by a falling red apple.  As he runs away, he meets new friends and finally other bunnies. 

The ABC Bunny

The ABC Bunny Book Unit Resources

Extra Reading

These books go into their preschool adventure box, although I transfer them to their quiet time boxes for use after lunch. Both their older siblings and I read them aloud throughout the week. We all love reading and snuggles ❤️

All things Rabbits for Kids, and The Ultimate Bunny Guide are non fiction books and The Little Rabbit is a non fiction but with a story (We have done a Little Rabbit Book Unit). Rabbit’s Nap and the Velveteen Rabbit are wonderful picture books. The Runaway Bunny, Peter Rabbit and Goodnight Moon we have also done as book units.

Learning Trays

I aim to make 6 trays each week.  The little ones will have three each to begin with and then swap over. 

In the first tray we have bunny stickers with a landscape; the second tray (our sensory tray – see below for more details) we have tactile letters, pretend leaves and some rabbit figurines and the third tray some bunny join the dots with some wonderful dot paint. Here are the trays with Lillie (9) and Abigail:

The ABC Bunny themed trays

The middle tray above is a sensory/ small people tray (middle tray above).  I included everything I could think of in our bunny sensory tray which was found in The ABC Bunny: Four bunnies, apple, green leaves, cat, porcupines, insects, frog and a quail (or something slightly resembling one!)

The ABC Bunny themed sensory tray
Our ABC Bunny Sensory Tray

And the completed trays:

The ABC Bunny themed activity trays

The next set of trays are as follows: Firstly, a picture of a bunny with some collage bits and pieces; secondly, some letters and some yellow play dough and thirdly a wooden threading apple. These trays Abigail did with Charlotte (9):

The ABC Bunny activity themed trays

And the finished trays:


The first set of trays Abigail did by herself. Firstly, we have colouring pencils, rabbit stencils and some coloured paper. Secondly, we have a threading rabbit and thirdly, a bunny Hama bead set:

The ABC Bunny themed activity trays

With the resulting bunny:


The last three trays Abigail did on her own. Firstly, bunny linking toys; secondly, a black board with some chalk to practice some letter making and thirdly, a board game based on the rather wonderful book called Guess How Much I Love You? I read this book to all my children every night ❤️


I made a few extra ones, just in case they had a spare few minutes 😉

Bunny Themed Snacks

Bunny Shaped Cinnamon Tortillas

I taught A4 how to make our chosen bunny snack for the week, which was a stack of bunny shaped cinnamon tortilla chips:

This is PERFECT for little people to do all by themselves (apart from perhaps putting it in the oven)

Muffin Tin Meals

First, A4 and I made some nests from some 100% fruit strands.   The day before I had packed full the chocolate bunny molds with chocolate, so they were now ready to be popped into the nest.  There was my ABC bunny in his nest.

I bought a red apple which I cored and cut into slices. The book mentions quails, so I thought some quail eggs might be in order.  Kind of fun for all the children to try (none of them had ever tasted quail eggs before).  ABC Bunny also mentions eating greens.  A4 really doesn’t enjoy lettuce, which would have been the obvious choice to make.  Instead we filled a hole with all sorts of green fruit- Green gages, kiwi and green grapes.

In the poesm there are four bunnies, so I cut some bunny shaped pancakes and added some bunny shaped cheese slices for them to make their own pancake sandwiches.  They received four of each.   All in all, great fun was had by all!

Extra Activities

A lovely little video of the ABC Bunny song:

We also went for a trip to the local farm.  It linked in well with our bunny unit, with lots of opportunities for strokes.

Little bunny babies:

Abigail has always loved any animal, so this was akin to Heaven for her:

Our lovely family ❤️