The Great British Bake Off

Yesterday marked the beginning of our summer holidays. Ads and the younger two girls have not moved from the sofa since Saturday, playing MineCraft together! It’s punctuated with ‘Hey, have you stolen my sheep?’ and ‘Oi, I needed that coal, give it back!’ amongst much laughter. I see much MineCraft in their immediate future, although I will be encouraging them to occasionally get up off the sofa 😬

Charlotte is not doing so well health-wise at the moment and none of us really knows why. And coming on the back of months of probably the best health she has known for the past six years, it is all very disappointing and incredibly frustrating for her. She is such a fighter though and continues to make herself get out of bed and be as productive as she is able. Charlotte even forced herself to go to the gym with Lil and I last night although she began having mini seizures whilst she was running which in the end meant she had to stop (these are not epileptic seizures so are not dangerous but are very unpleasant and make her feel (and I quote) pixellated around the edges’!).

Lillie has completed her internship and they have asked her to stay on in a part-time capacity until Christmas. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time as intern youth leader and it has been very good at rebuilding her confidence following the bullying she experienced at uni the year before. Lil is off for the next four weeks, after which she will begin a degree in Visual Communications and Illustration at UAL.

I spent yesterday morning a bit lost. I had all this time on my hands and really did have so much to do to fill it, but because it was itty bitty stuff which I’ve been putting off whilst schooling, I didn’t really know where to start. So I didn’t. If I’m honest, I’m not really sure where most of yesterday went!

After lunch I decided I needed to settle into something…anything…so I put the Great British Bake Off on and began painting. It was bliss just to centre myself instead of floating around aimlessly.

Every summer I watch all the past episodes of the Bake Off and over the years have bought every series. I popped on season one and began my new painting of some ducks.

I have a few things I want to do this summer (which I intend to post a list of tomorrow), most of which can be done with the Bake Off in the background.

Happy, happy sigh. Here’s to wonderfully relaxing summer!

It’s the small things ❤️


  1. Oh I just LOVE that show! I think it’s so sweet how all the contestants help one another and seem to root for each other while also wanting to do well themselves.

    1. I watch it every year – I have all of the past seasons so I pop it on in the back ground and get on with school planning for next year, painting and writing. I look forward to it every summer!

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